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Short summary

Mario and Luigi are sent on a mission to save Princess Peach.

The film was announced at the premiere of Time Hero in 2009 with Matt Drewis in line to play Bowser. However, Drewis would drop out and be replaced with Cameron Dodd.

Justin Mero would make all the costumes in a day. He would do the same for Üper Super (2013) three years later.

Second film in Marcus Mero's Bad Home Movies Trilogy.

Cast overview:
Matt Hamilton Matt Hamilton - Mario
Drew Falabella Drew Falabella - Luigi
Justin Mero Justin Mero - Toad
Sarah Hamilton Sarah Hamilton - Princess Peach
Cameron Galvez Cameron Galvez - Koopa Troopa
Cameron Dodd Cameron Dodd - Bowser
Emily Greenhouse Emily Greenhouse - Princess Daisy
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