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Short summary

Introducing Monkey Buddy - a new kind of interactive virtual pet. He's a fun-loving primate that wants to play with you. Monkey can watch and react in whole new ways - because he can both see and hear you! As you move your head around you'll see him following your movements. Explore his world and find a variety of ways to interact and communicate with him. He loves to tickle, wrestle, and even lick the screen! Play on the drums and listen as the monkey mimics you. He might get excited and start dancing. Don't let him play with his camera, though, or you'll end up with some silly pictures. (Don't worry - he throws away the photos he takes.) Discover other creatures in his world - ants, frogs and even a chameleon - and interact with them to see what they do. Monkey Buddy is a friend like no other. He's full of surprises, and whether you are young or old he's sure to make you smile.

Cast overview:
Brian Fisher Brian Fisher - The Monkey
Tim Fowers Tim Fowers - Additional Monkey SFX
Jacqui Jordan Jacqui Jordan - The Narrator (US / UK)
Jennifer Capriccio Jennifer Capriccio - The Narrator (ES)
Giuliana Paciolla Giuliana Paciolla - The Narrator (IT)
Anne Rojewski Anne Rojewski - The Narrator (FR)
Katrin Daliot Katrin Daliot - The Narrator (DE)
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