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In an apple pie town of green grass and white picket fences, a failing marriage destroys one family's chance for that promised American dream in a world perverted by television.

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    • Author: Yadon
    Very well done polished and original short. The whole thing of people walking around with TV heads is pretty cool. Then to see them go on about their daily lives as if this is all normal is great. What keeps up the suspense is how they deal with the TV heads; and they do it like it's the most natural thing.

    You wouldn't expect to see emotion come through from people with TV heads. But it does. You even feel for these characters and by the time you get to the end you've forgotten there's anything unusual about them. I keep wondering what it was like to shoot this with people walking around and riding bikes with TV heads.
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    • Author: Inerrace
    While it was technically well executed, and momentarily interesting, it quickly became an incredibly boring story with nothing of interest to tell. In the end, it's nothing but a completely pointless gimmick that was clearly not even worth the effort it must have taken to produce it.

    Also very disingenuous to even imply by the title, "Idiot Box", that it had something political or philosophical to say about TV, which is why I gave it a look. The title didn't even seem to apply to the story that was told. Don't waste even 9 minutes on this one, unless the gimmick is so interesting to you that you just want more of that!
  • Credited cast:
    Michael Massei Michael Massei - Greg
    Heather Howe Heather Howe - Nancy (as Heather Kirkland Howe)
    David Landry David Landry - The Milkman
    Ted Underwood Ted Underwood - The Boss
    Jon Raymond Jon Raymond - The Neighbor
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Zach De Silva Zach De Silva - Beach Goer
    Linda Rheinschild Linda Rheinschild - The Secretary
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