» » As Told by Ginger Nurses Strike (2000–2006)

Short summary

Looking for extra money during the nurses' strike, Lois decides to start a house-cleaning business. Ginger is mortified, but when she has to help clean to keep her allowance, she gains a newfound respect for her mom.

Episode cast overview:
Melissa Disney Melissa Disney - Ginger Foutley (voice)
Jeannie Elias Jeannie Elias - Carl Foutley (voice)
Liz Georges Liz Georges - Courtney Gripling (voice)
Jackie Harris Greenberg Jackie Harris Greenberg - Macie Lightfoot (voice) (as Jackie Harris)
Tress MacNeille Tress MacNeille - Hoodsey Bishop (voice)
Aspen Vincent Aspen Vincent - Dodie Bishop (voice) (as Aspen Miller)
Laraine Newman Laraine Newman - Lois Foutley (voice)
Cree Summer Cree Summer - Miranda Killgallen (voice)
Elizabeth Halpern Elizabeth Halpern - Ms. Zorski (voice)
Jerry Houser Jerry Houser - Principal Milty (voice)
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