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Short summary

During the 1870s Scotland, mining engineer James Starr receives a letter from his old colleague Simon Ford who is living with his family in a cottage deep inside the abandoned Aberfoyle mine.Ford asks for Starr's help to solve mysterious and unexplained occurrences taking place deep inside the Dochart well of the Aberfoyle mine.Starr and Ford explore the mine and they discover a new vein of coal.The discovery revitalizes the local mining community, which has been out of work since the mine's closure.The new mining project leads to the development of a vast underground mining town built around an underground lake called Loch Malcom.However, the mysterious occurrences continue to take place and they threaten to destroy the new found prosperity of the underground mining town.

The film is based on the adventure-fantasy novel Les Indes Noires (The Child of the Cavern) written in 1877 by French author Jules Verne.

This film draws a parallel between the mythical richness of the West and East Indies and the newly found richness of the coal-based industrialized regions of Europe during the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Alain Mottet Alain Mottet - James Starr
Georges Poujouly Georges Poujouly - Harry Ford
André Valmy André Valmy - Simon Ford
Jean-Pierre Moulin Jean-Pierre Moulin - Jack Ryan
Geneviève Fontanel Geneviève Fontanel - Maggie
Paloma Matta Paloma Matta - Nell
Yvette Etiévant Yvette Etiévant - Madge Ford
Christian Barbier Christian Barbier - Silfax
Jean Obé Jean Obé - First Policeman
Henri Marteau Henri Marteau - Second Policeman
Jacques Florence Jacques Florence - Young Miner
Robert Munk Robert Munk - The Priest (as Robert Monk)
Jacques Bouvier Jacques Bouvier - Militiaman
Billy Callaway Billy Callaway - Musician (as Bill Callaway)
Mag-Avril Mag-Avril - Mac Failane
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