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A NASA monkey shot into space goes off course and is found by an alien race that mistakes him for Earth's dominant species. Charlie is given intelligence, the rank of Captain, a ship and a mission: to defeat the evil Nebula.

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    • Author: Anen
    Captain Simian is possibly the best cartoon ever aired, without exaggeration. It was funny, clever, well-drawn and well-animated, and had a stellar voice cast.

    This series, which tragically lasted a mere 26 episodes, was the sort of cartoon that parents would have loved to watch with their kids. Sadly, neither generation knew the show existed. (In my area, the show bounced around the Saturday morning lineup, briefly moving to Sunday, and even changed networks. I had to search for it again and again.)

    The show was funny on multiple levels. It was a cartoon about monkeys -- kids don't need much more than that -- but that was the lowest level of humor this show reached. It also made jokes that *only* the parents would get. There were references to "A Clockwork Orange" (Malcolm McDowell did one of the regular voices), a film noir episode that paid homage to "Maltese Falcon" and "Chinatown" beautifully, even an episode titled "Surf Monkeys Must Dive!" (named after a Troma film that NO child should ever see). The in-jokes went on and on.

    On top of that, there was the simple irony that the main adversaries, Captain Simian and Lord Nebula, were voiced by Jerry Doyle and Michael Dorn -- the battle of the primetime Sci-Fi Security Chiefs -- Mister Garibaldi and Lt. Worf in a grudge match for control of the entire universe.

    The show died its unfortunate death because the toys weren't selling well. (As I understand it, the toys weren't selling well because they were being dumped directly into the 3/$10 bin at the major chains, rather than being shelved.) If the toys don't sell, the show isn't seen as worthwhile.

    It's still around in re-runs, but no one can say for how long. So watch it while you can.
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    • Author: Inabel
    I watched this show every Sunday morning on, I think it was UPN, and loved it, I still love it. Like you said earlier, it was funny, smart (maybe too smart for the younger children) but it was still funny all the way around.

    I was curious if anyone knew when (or if) a DVD would be coming out for the entire series? Because I know if a DVD ever came out I would buy it in a heart beat, and watch all 26 episodes.

    I loved and still love every minute of that show, especially the opening theme song...brilliant!

    Why did it have to leave? I still have the memories...
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    • Author: Otrytrerl
    "Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys" was a great show. I used to wake up early on Sunday mornings to watch it on UPN. This show gave me some good laughs and I was sad to see it go.

    My favorite monkey was Spydor. He was really funny. I also liked Capt. Simian. He was really brave and he would do anything for his crew. I liked Shao Lin, too. She was cool and brave.

    My favorite episodes of "Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys" were "Escape From the Plant of the Apes" and "Invasion of the Banana Snatchers". I loved theses episodes. They were classics!

    I really enjoyed this show and I wish they made more episodes of it. I give this show 10/10 stars.
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    • Author: Dead Samurai
    I remember watching this show way back in high school. It was a great show that appealed to both my sense of humor and my childish cravings of action, fantasy, and adventure. The cast of characters were great: Their personalities were so varied and endearing, form Gor's innocent and gentle nature to Dr. Splitz/Splitzy's interaction with his other personality. The Orbatron, and the holo-boons, were probably my favorite characters. Each episode I always look forward to the maniacal (and often satirical) comments of the Orbatron, as well as equally look forward to what TV character personality a holo-boon would assume. I laughed my ass off when in one episode I witnessed a holo-boon acting out a caricature of Peter Falk's "Columbo". It was really great stuff. I really would have liked to have seen this show last more then one season, it was a gem.
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    • Author: HelloBoB:D
    I can remember watching this thing when it first rain 10 years ago, it was funny, intelligently written, w/ cleary drawn characters, distinct voices, oodles of satire tossed in. You gotta love the Trek refs(holo-boons as Redshirts, Shatner, etc), Worf voicing the baddie, Malcolm McDowell as the Other baddie, awful brain puns, etc. This one just worked on many levels.

    Odd that it didn't catch on better-but then again it had a hard time finding a home there on the UPN schedule, it was around the one year-26 eps-then goners.

    I'd rec. checking for it on You Tube-most of the shows are there, and they do hold up pretty well.

    *** outta ****
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    • Author: Paster
    I remember watching this show every Sunday with my father back in the day. We both enjoyed it, me cuz it was a cartoon that was funny to my fledgling satirical sense and him because, well, whatever reason. But it was OUR show! Now I can't catch it, and I'm pretty sure that it's now erased from public view. But it was such a good show! It always seems as if the really good shows are the ones that go under or are underappreciated (coughBuffytheVampireSlayercough) but I guess sometimes it doesn't work out. Pooh.
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    • Author: Dusar
    It is to the date my favorite of all times. I grew up with Captain Simian et the Space Monkeys. My love for philosophy and a big part of my identity comes from the character of Shao Lin, who was the only female monkey yet somehow adverted the token woman category by merit of being The Lancer, the Badass Preacher (and Technical Pacifist) and all round dispenser of wisdom you often find in the Mentor. She was still a romantic interest to the protagonist but not a character that was defined by that role any more than any of the aforementioned roles. Brownie points for adverting the weaponization of feminine wiles throughout the show, too. Instead she was the specilist and a tank on her own right. She would drop some very wise line every once in a while - that was later made fun of or subverted for laughs, or just in the interest of humanizing her. Her 'true wisdom comes from seeing things from all sides' still resonates with me as one of the most basic truths in my philosophy of life.

    The show was more than this about Shao Lin's Eastern wisdom and character composition, though I find it's a good example of what made CSstSM such a nice and complete story. You can find similar attention to detail for all main characters, with some being more plot driven than others. Puns and references make the bulk of the shows dialogs, along character dynamics and development that was so rare to find in other shows back at the time. It parodied all kind of movies and series, even outside the sci-fi genre. Very intelligently written, humor and action packed, character-driven plots, it was never cheap. You have to love CSstSM. It rarely took itself all that serious. After all, they were monkeys in space. But it wasn't dumb by any stretch of the imagination.

    I always got sore by the fact they weren't as popular as they should have been >.< If you haven't watched it, at least one episode, I recommend it whole heartedly.
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    • Author: Kashicage
    Reruns of "Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys" came on in my area recently, and I found it to be an entertaining show with witty jabs at famous sci-fi plots and characters. However, in one episode, there was a scene where a character was hit by a deadly ray and was reduced to a pool of blood and the character's rib cage. It is a good cartoon, but I would watch out for these rarely-occurring events of violence or gory detail. Also, there may be some humor that kids might not get.
  • Complete series cast summary:
    Jeff Bennett Jeff Bennett - Orbitron / - 5 episodes, 1996-1997
    Jerry Doyle Jerry Doyle - Captain Simian 4 episodes, 1996-1997
    Karen Maruyama Karen Maruyama - Shao Lin 4 episodes, 1996-1997
    Maurice LaMarche Maurice LaMarche - Dr. Splitz / - 4 episodes, 1996-1997
    Dom Irrera Dom Irrera - Spydor 4 episodes, 1996-1997
    James Avery James Avery - Gor-illa 4 episodes, 1996-1997
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