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Life of refugees from Bosnia in Serbia during the war years.

Official submission of Serbia for the 'Best Foreign Language Film' category of the 70th Academy Awards in 1998.

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    • Author: Gogal
    This movie is about Serbian refugees from Bosnia and Croatia and how they lived and still do in Serbia. How they are treated as second ranged people and still are!! With no future in site.

    It is about the sad life and daily struggles in a mind of people who lost everything and are given nothing. About people who fled their homes, who escaped hell and came to Serbia. There they were blamed for the war and the horrible situation the whole of Balkan was in at that time.

    This might be "boring crap" like my previous commentator described it. But to me , a Serbian refugee from Bosnia is bloody well relevant!
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    • Author: Bloodhammer
    Here we have an average movie from Serbia (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia back then) Story about two refugees from Croatia (Republic of Srpska Krajina then - who escaped from Croatian terror and find themselves in Belgrade) In times when Serbia was full of Serb refugees from other parts of former Yugoslavia, like Bosnia and Croatia) Fine picture of Serbia from mid 1990's (1995-1996) these 2 guys working at the beach, renting parasols. They somehow try to survive, working "on black" like thousands of others these years. Story is simple, involving young girl who is trapped in prostituion and crime. They try to help her, anyway she is deeply unhappy and whole story is tragic. I can't see why some people is giving low marks for this movie, it is average Balkan story, well produced and filmed. Nice role of Slavko Stimac and M.Jokovic,too. If you stumble on this movie, and interested in Balkan region, don't miss it! I gave 7 out of 10
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    • Author: Froststalker
    I've never seen a film as boring as Three Days.

    It breaks down like this:

    Lowbudget, dull footage of docks and boats, two guys and two girls who have about 3 lines of dialogue each (In the ENTIRE movie).

    That's it.

  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Mirjana Jokovic Mirjana Jokovic - Sonja
    Slavko Stimac Slavko Stimac - Sergije
    Srdjan 'Zika' Todorovic Srdjan 'Zika' Todorovic - Nikola (as Srdjan Todorovic)
    Milena Dravic Milena Dravic - Kaja
    Petar Kralj Petar Kralj - Dimitrije
    Mirjana Karanovic Mirjana Karanovic - Gazdarica
    Petar Bozovic Petar Bozovic - Erke
    Luka Dejanovic Luka Dejanovic - Jasa
    Andjelka Vulic Andjelka Vulic - Jezdimirka
    Predrag Lakovic Predrag Lakovic - Sima
    Ivan Zaric Ivan Zaric - Dizelas
    Dragan Vujic Dragan Vujic - Novinar
    Branislav Zeremski Branislav Zeremski - Gane
    Nenad Jezdic Nenad Jezdic - Cora
    Natasa Medic Natasa Medic - Prodavacica
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