» » Doctors Going Home (2000– )

Short summary

Emma sees to teen-aged Carl Gawson, who is sleeping rough. He left home after a row with his father Mark, who blames the boy for his sister's death from a drug over-dose. Emma persuades Mark and his second wife to take Carl home, where the truth behind the girl's death is revealed. Meanwhile Al pays for Niamh to go on a computer course which she does not enjoy and Howard moves in with Heston.

Episode cast overview:
Owen Brenman Owen Brenman - Dr. Heston Carter
Matthew Chambers Matthew Chambers - Dr. Daniel Granger
Elisabeth Dermot Walsh Elisabeth Dermot Walsh - Dr. Zara Carmichael
Dido Miles Dido Miles - Dr. Emma Reid
Simon Rivers Simon Rivers - Dr. Kevin Tyler
Ian Midlane Ian Midlane - Dr. Al Haskey
Jessica Regan Jessica Regan - Dr. Niamh Donoghue
Ian Kelsey Ian Kelsey - Howard Bellamy
Jan Pearson Jan Pearson - Karen Hollins
Chris Walker Chris Walker - Rob Hollins
Jonny Weldon Jonny Weldon - Carl Gawson
Ian Shaw Ian Shaw - Mark Gawson
Rachael Elizabeth Rachael Elizabeth - Sara Gawson
Ciaran Dowd Ciaran Dowd - Guy Grant
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