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Cookery series with Big Cook Ben and foot-high Little Cook Small.

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    • Author: spark
    **** out of *****

    4/5 9/10

    I was surprised on how many bad reviews this show got. Well, in my opinion, I thought it was a great show. It teaches little kids to have some fun and cook with their grown ups and singalong to their favourite songs in the show. Speaking of the songs, they were really catchy and imaginative. There show be more shows like this because very rarely do we see kids cook shows. Big Cook and Little Cook are very funny and always know what to do. My favourite character is Small because he is so funny and joyful. Also, this show encourages children the cook by themselves, without having their parents do everything for them. Overall a fantastic kids cooking show, with brilliant songs and characters and I have to say this is one of the best shows on Cbeebies.
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    • Author: Brightfury
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    • Author: Brialelis
    This show was one of the best things that I ever saw when I was younger. Unfortunately, they never did get around to teaching me how to fly on my wooden spoon, so I had to take initiative and used a metal spatula instead. Also, I still can't cook anything at all... I mean, I burnt an omelette last night. How does anyone do that? Like, legit, I must be some amazing level of stupid.
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    • Author: I ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ
    OK firstly, I like to point out that it's not normal at all that I give something a 10/10 which is what I'm giving to this show.

    Big Cook Little Cook is a children's show that aired on CBeebies from 2004-2012 if I remember correctly. There are 100 episodes.

    Anyway, enough of that and let's get onto why this show is marvelous, superior and why I love it so much.

    When I was a kid, I watched TV all the time literally and liked many shows, this being one of them. However, I didn't just like this show, I loved it and still do to this day - I'm currently 16 when writing this review. If I had to babysit somebody and they loved watching this show, I would delightfully watch it with them. This show makes me cry of how good it is, these days and especially for nostalgic reasons. I remember coming home from primary school and then come into the living room to watch this with my nanny.

    This show is very superior and I have not seen a show like it before ever. This is a cooking show, pretty straightforward but a very different one. I have despised cooking since I was a little kid but this show revolutionized cooking for me. I started doing cooking because of this show but since it was canceled and obviously, I've grown up since then that I'm too old to be looking at children's shows, I've despised cooking again. The show gave lots of cool recipe ideas. For little kids, introduced them to fairy tale characters like Humpty Dumpty. And when Little Cook goes on out to get missing ingredients, you get to see the process of how the missing ingredients are made or harvested etc which is great learning for young children.

    Many times they do funny things like Ben (i.e. Big Cook) accidentally getting mixture on Small which is a running gag and I never got tired of it - which is a very good thing. The songs were brilliant. People may find them annoying but I thought they were too good and I would always gladly sing-along.

    Overall, Big Cook Little Cook shouldn't have stopped airing as it a superior and marvelous cooking show for kids. And don't forget that this is coming from a guy who hates cooking.
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    • Author: Raniconne
    One of my all time favourite childhood TV shows. Big Cook, Little Cook was a popular cooking show that would make Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey jealous. It involves Big Cook Ben, and Little Cook Small, who owns the "Best cafe in the world!". Each episode is the same: The two chefs face a problem or anything like that, and they meet a customer who is related with the said issue. Little Cook would then read a story about his adventures with the customer, get the ingredients, and serve the food to the customer. "Little Cook to the rescue, once again!"

    Looking back at it, the acting is just hilarious; I love their presentation to the viewers and the jokes they include. They are funny to children, and even to adults (especially whenever Little Cook gets splattered when Ben is mixing the ingredients, a running gag in the show). When they cook, however, some of their food look neither uninteresting or unpleasant. "Tiger Sushi" (correction: rice with carrots and raisins behind cucumber) sounds pathetic and an lemon ice lolly with Haribo inside it sounds utterly boring to me; it took them 4 hours to get it served to the customer (this actually happened in an episode once). But fortunately, some of the foods look pretty interesting for both children and adults, like "Spotty Trifle" for example. Overall, these foods are great for kids and adults to make at home.

    After that, we get a clean up song, a rather catchy song to all of us. Finally, they get a letter and a gift from the customer, which are related to the issue. End of episode, roll credits.

    In conclusion, I think BCLC is one of the greatest cookery shows I've ever watched. Highly recommended to children and adults. Despite some of the foods they cooked, they're still fun to make at home.
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    • Author: Wat!?
    S'okay really. Manic mini man microflying his mini spoon in a cosmos of alternative gusto reality. My nipper liked it until he reached 6. A bit strange and erm, it was heavily created by Noseybonk. Which says it all really.

    It's a cross between Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare and Rainbow. Minus the swearing.

    So "Fly Away" into the kitchen of surreal cookery and a cafe of mysterious childhood figures with a hygiene rating (and menu choice) of 1.

    Just watch it OK? xD
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    • Author: Marirne
    Too right they can! They are complete dopes, they are not funny and the more I hear or see them the more I hate them! I am 17 and I like some children's programs to this day for various reasons. There are others, however, that I loath and this is one of them. My argument is (to poorly produced kiddie shows like this) is that you can entertain youngsters and help them learn without being hopelessly dumb! Here's something else that can't excuse this program; according to IMDb, "Big Cook Little Cook" started in 2003! I think it's fair to say that it would be considered dated and hopeless in 1993! Though I wouldn't have guessed this trash was first broadcast that early, I certainly wouldn't have had 2003 in mind at all. Now... over to the stars Ben and Small; if you yourselves are hungry why don't I cook YOU an obnoxious mushroom cake topped with stale eggs?!
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    • Author: Isha
    As a mother of two, nothing brings a smile to my face more than seeing my 2 year old son run into the room with the biggest grin on his face at hearing a mere second of the theme tune to Big Cook Little Cook. This show is sweet,though to prevent the risk of children suddenly wanting to prepare their own meal and burn the house down because the oven was hot hot hot it's ideally more for adults to watch with the children since 9 times out of 10 the recipes involve using an oven or the hob.

    The characters, Big Cook Ben and Little Cook small, are like-able, the songs are addictive (you wont believe how many times my husband finds himself singing them in his work), and I challenge any adult to not laugh at the "Santa's Elf" style dancing Big Cook Ben does during the Cleaning up song. Though to be perfectly honest my son has pretty much left the room 10 minutes in and I find myself watching it :)

    All in all its a cute show and worth giving it a look-see, even if it is for the dancing elf-wannabe!
  • Series cast summary:
    Steve Marsh Steve Marsh - Big Cook Ben 54 episodes, 2004-2007
    Dan Wright Dan Wright - Little Cook Small 54 episodes, 2004-2007
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