» » The Sparticle Mystery The Statue of Artos (2011– )

Short summary

Jeffrey and Callum meet a young druid who is preparing for the annual ritual of Artos and the race is on to assemble the statue before the solstice. But Ernesto has decided that his revolution will be easier without the adults, and tries to stop the Sparticles. Reese has an out-of-body experience and is reunited with Muna who explains that there are more than two dimensions and realigning the world with the wrong one could be disastrous. Serena's secret is out when Fizzy discovers that she's a double agent.

Episode cast overview:
Karim Zeroual Karim Zeroual - Sadiq
Wesley Nelson Wesley Nelson - Jeffrey
Megan Jones Megan Jones - Tia
Jerome Holder Jerome Holder - Callum
Emily Sanderson Emily Sanderson - Reese
Grace Mandeville Grace Mandeville - Holly
Abbie Hayes Abbie Hayes - Frankie
Oliver Bell Oliver Bell - Liam
Oliver Dillon Oliver Dillon - Fizzy (as Oli Dillon)
Karene Peter Karene Peter - Serena
Connor Ryan Connor Ryan - Fury
Maia Tamrakar Maia Tamrakar - Muna
Gerran Howell Gerran Howell - Ernesto
Alex Starke Alex Starke - Dreary Druid
Xanthe Mitten Xanthe Mitten - Bonny
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