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An intense friendship between Sara and Alisa comes to a strange and abrupt end after Sara opens up about urges beyond physical desire. Oppressed by her environment, Alisa grows ever more distant, leaving Sara to struggle with nightmarish solitude and repression which begins manifesting itself in a monstrous form.

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    • Author: Wen
    Momir Milosevic is a young Serbian director with strong passion for horror films. His latest film, Otvorena, which premiered on FEST - International Film Festival in Belgrade, is also his first feature. It tells the story of Alisa (Jelena Puzic), who finds out that she is very attracted to her friend from school, Sara (Milena Djurovic). Her needs are not met by Sara, and Alisa slowly begins to fall into depression which is often manifested in horrifying and grotesque way. Sara's rejection is partly driven by the environment, especially by a school psychologist, who suggests that they should not see each other for some time. Otvorena is beautifully shot in gorgeous black and white photography, which perfectly suits film's themes and overall atmosphere. It succeeds in keeping the viewer's attention for a whole time. The only problem is too formal and sometimes wooden dialogue which is grammatically perfect. People in Serbia don't talk like that and it is unconvincing a little bit. But other than that, main actresses are very good at physical acting and showing emotions. I hope that Momir will direct more films, and I believe that he's got the strength to provide something fresh and rewarding for Serbian cinema.
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    • Author: Cobyno
    Sara and Alisa were best friends from school. The two always had a happy time hanging out together. One day the two walked pass by a basketball ground. Sara noticed that Alisa was staring at a guy practicing alone. But Alisa denied that she knew the guy. As time went by, Sara realized that she had fallen in love with Alisa. The feeling had become so strong and she could no longer keep it to herself. Sara wrote Alisa a love letter and came out as a lesbian. But Alisa did not call her back. The next time when Sara saw Alisa, they were in the psychiatrist's office at school where Sara found out Alisa had betrayed her by giving the love letter to the school psychiatrist. And Alisa was actually dating the basketball guy behind Sara's back. However, Alisa never really enjoyed dating with the basketball guy. When they were having sex, Alisa did not feel anything (as shown in the beginning of the film). The basketball guy detected Alisa's dissatisfaction and got very offended and upset. Alisa was in denial of her homosexuality. Several months later, Sara received a phone call from Alisa. Alisa appeared as a total tomboy and finally admitted her love for Sara. Alisa suggested to move to a different city with Sara to live a new life. That night the two girls had a lot of drinks and had sex for the first time. However, after the passion Sara still could not forgive Alisa for the betrayal, especially the fact that Alisa had sex with a man. Sara had been haunted by the image of the basketball player in her mind. Sara hated Alisa deep down. The wound was too deep and too painful to forget. Sara decided to stay and start a new life alone. Sara may never be able to love someone as much again but pain makes us grow. She chooses to make peace with the world and become a happier person. She is a stronger lesbian now and no longer intimidated by men. The film was so beautifully made! It was such an amazing visual and emotional experience! There are many hidden lines. The director used extraordinary skills to present the story in a very artsy way. Actors did a wonderful job too! Hopefully there will be more independent LGBTQ films like this one!
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    • Author: Super P
    Cinematography and photography are the best here. Dialogues a little ''dry''...nice facial and emotional expressions. Plot sometimes can be a bit confusing.

    Overral, not perfect but surprisingly good movie. I'll call it pretty weird art noir movie...
  • Credited cast:
    Milena Djurovic Milena Djurovic - Sara
    Jelena Puzic Jelena Puzic - Alisa
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Jelena Angelovski Jelena Angelovski - Majka
    Sava Kesic Sava Kesic - Vuk
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