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Форс-мажоры God's Green Earth (2011– ) watch online HD

Форс-мажоры God's Green Earth (2011– ) watch online HD
  • Original title:Godu0027s Green Earth
  • Category:TV Episode / Comedy / Drama
  • Released:2011–
  • Director:Anton Cropper
  • Actors:Gabriel Macht,Patrick J. Adams,Rick Hoffman
  • Writer:Aaron Korsh,Genevieve Sparling
  • Duration:42min
  • Video type:TV Episode

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Short summary

Mike is furious when Anita Gibbs tries to scare Rachel into making a deal, while he turns to Dana to help save Harvey. A scathing newspaper article damages the firm's reputation, leaving Jack and Louis to resort to desperate measures.

The title of this episode refers to the words written in an article criticising Pearson Specter Litt. It is later discovered that it was Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope) who anonymously wrote that article to attack the firm.

User reviews

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    • Author: Umdwyn
    I think this is the best suits season so far as you can clearly see from the rating of each episode. The reason for this is that suits is no longer about clients and cases , it is more involved with characters and feelings . The beauty of suits (especially 5th season ) is that there is no recurring story which bore you with the same old cases and clients , it is now much more fascinating and more deep with involvement of each character . Regarding this particular episode i would say its a masterpiece . Watching this episode time just flies by because of all the tension and suspense and of-course MIKE and HARVEY . Each episode is full of story and content and that's the reason Suits ratings are at boom!! each episode is above 9 points. You just want more and more from each episode . And since not many episodes are left in this season , just enjoy each second of it because this season and episode is a winner !!
  • comment
    • Author: JoldGold
    Suits is entertaining without a doubt, however this episode and the previous two episodes lack the previous witty and clever repartee between the characters. The recurring scenes where Mike springs into action with " I got an idea" or " I know what we need to do" stand out and are obvious and I find that I am just waiting for it to occur. This episode in particular had so many "Goddamns" and variations of "get the hell" and "sh**" running all the way through it over and over again. The characters are behaving like a pack of barking dogs towards each other and then a little bit of schmaltz is introduced to quell the cacophony and attempt to make the viewing audience misty eyed, more like pass the sick bag. Have the writers been replaced? Last season, the episodes were brilliant, so slick, so well orchestrated just a joy to watch but these episodes are seriously lacking.
  • Episode credited cast:
    Gabriel Macht Gabriel Macht - Harvey Specter
    Patrick J. Adams Patrick J. Adams - Mike Ross
    Rick Hoffman Rick Hoffman - Louis Litt
    Meghan Markle Meghan Markle - Rachel Zane
    Sarah Rafferty Sarah Rafferty - Donna Paulsen
    Gina Torres Gina Torres - Jessica Pearson
    John Pyper-Ferguson John Pyper-Ferguson - Jack Soloff
    Leslie Hope Leslie Hope - Anita Gibbs
    Rachael Harris Rachael Harris - Sheila Sazs
    Abigail Spencer Abigail Spencer - Dana Scott
    Suzanne McKenney Suzanne McKenney - Judge Ralls
    John Jarvis John Jarvis - Dean Herrick
    Pat Mastroianni Pat Mastroianni - Tom Linder
    Farid Yazdani Farid Yazdani - David Green
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Lisa Kimberley Lisa Kimberley - Scottie's Secretary (as Lisa Kimberley Lau)
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