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Vanessa hosts a talk radio show devoted to sex. Unfortunately, she becomes the focus of a maniac killing prostitutes.

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    • Author: Innadril
    It is probably fair to describe this piece of direct-to-video exploitation fare as a modern C-movie. The typical B-movie has more plot, more character development, and better production values than this cheapo, but it is still a couple of notches better than the pitiful embarrassments from the bottom of the range.

    This erotic thriller centering around a radio psychiatrist may claim inspirations from Play Misty for Me and Frasier but in truth it has a model much closer to home: Sexual Response, a relatively successful B-movie with video queen Shannon Tweed. The focus here is on sex, not on violence, and the sex scenes come just as thick and fast as in a porno - except that this is strictly R-rated. The UK version (which is the one I saw) is 3 minutes longer and presumably a little more daring than the US release.
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    • Author: Saberblade
    "Voices of Seduction"/"Midnight Confessions" does have some beautiful women in it - the lead, Carol Hoyt, is an elegant redhead - and the premise of a late-night radio show where the listeners call the host and reveal their secret erotic fantasies and desires could make for an effective erotic film with a different approach, but someone thought it was a good idea to "enhance" the film with a dismal and distasteful, not to mention stupid (for example, are prisoners usually allowed to make obscene phone calls to the outside at night?) exploitation plot about a nutcase knocking off prostitutes. Note to the filmmakers: when we are watching an "erotic" film, we want to be turned on, not off. Oh yes, Julie Strain's picture is on the DVD cover, but her part is nothing more than a 3-minute cameo. (*1/2)
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    • Author: Gosar
    Ive seen millions of b movies and am a big fan of many of them. This one fits into a category by itself. It looks as though it was a bunch of porno filmmakers trying to go straight...uh, thats exactly what happened as rumor has now been confirmed. If you want to p*** yourself off within 5 minutes, rent this flick. Otherwise just pick any old film at Ma & Pa's video store and feel like a winner because any film no matter how bad beats this one. Rumor also has it that when this production company finished the film it was only 54 minutes long so they had to shoot a couple of extra days. HUH!!!!!!LOL
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Callie Michael Callie Michael - Brenda
    Steve Michael Steve Michael - John
    Alexa Fiery Alexa Fiery - Nikki
    David Millbern David Millbern - Mitch
    Carol Hoyt Carol Hoyt - Vanessa
    Julie Strain Julie Strain - Mariana
    John Dagnen John Dagnen - Peter
    Richard Lynch Richard Lynch - Detective Harris
    Derek Mitchell Derek Mitchell - Detective Sawyer
    Doug Demarco Doug Demarco - Ryan
    De'Ann Power De'Ann Power - Mrs. Parker (as De Ann Powers)
    Cori Hansen Cori Hansen - Kenna
    Lisa Comshaw Lisa Comshaw - Allyn
    Monique Parent Monique Parent - Joni
    Anastasia Alexander Anastasia Alexander - Britt (as Raven Alexander)
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