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A Hong Kong family illegally emmigrate to the United States. The father eventually goes back to Hong Kong to raise more money but the wife and child stay behind. Several years have passed and the father legally comes back to be with his wife and child. Has his greatest fears been realized and his wife and child have been americanized?

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    • Author: JoJogar
    My Americanized Wife (1992) was a film starring Teresa Mo. She plays a mother who leaves for America with her young son hoping to establish residency so her husband can later move with them as well. The family experiences the usual "fish out of water" syndrome as they try to adjust to their new home. Teresa Mo carries this film with her unique charm. Her English is good and she's a real hoot. I wish she starred in more films. She's so underrated as an actor and comedian. Not only is she funny bit she's a real looker. Check her out in her best film The Magnificent Sconderals. A nice little film to rent if you can find a copy.
  • Credited cast:
    Anthony Chan Anthony Chan
    Teresa Mo Teresa Mo
    Alfred Cheung Alfred Cheung - (Guest star)
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Tony Allen Tony Allen
    Ben Baron Ben Baron
    Jimi Beneducci Jimi Beneducci
    Valerie Carol Valerie Carol
    Andrew Chan Andrew Chan - (as Chi-Ho Chan)
    Andrew Chiway Chan Andrew Chiway Chan - Oscar (son) (as Chan Chi-Wai)
    Chi Wai Chan Chi Wai Chan
    Jeff Chan Jeff Chan - Young Oscar (as Jeffrey Chan)
    Jimmy Clayton Jimmy Clayton
    Peter Colavilo Peter Colavilo
    Alvin Eng Alvin Eng
    Tom Faulhaber Tom Faulhaber
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