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A young woman with Asperger's tries to find her first boyfriend with a little help from her older sister.
Inspired by real life events, the film explores a week in the life of Jane, a young costume designer working as an intern on an exciting theater piece. Despite dealing with the everyday challenges of being on the autism spectrum she takes action to enlists her sister Bianca to help her find her very first boyfriend. As Jane goes on some very eye-opening first dates, Bianca realizes that, at the end of the day, we all deserve to be loved.

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    • Author: lacki
    "Yet another inaccurate and stupidly exaggerated feelgood movie about a person who is a bit into the spectrum" or so I thought to myself when I first heard about this movie. But in all honesty, Jane Wants a Boyfriend is something of a fresh breeze compared to all the other movies that have been made about people on the spectrum (Rainman not included - it's in a category by itself).

    The movie isn't flawless. Many parts of the movie and the main character felt phony, emotionally implausible and just not right. Especially the first 15 minutes or so of the movie. Maybe they took these shots first and it took a while for Krause to sink into her role? I don't know, but overall I think she did a pretty good job with Jane. Like the other movies on this topic though it is (sadly) rather patronizing and paternalistic - although not to the same extent as all the other movies such as the "There is no feelings in space" - which I really disliked because of extreme inaccuracies.

    But, Jane Wants a Boyfriend also does a lot of things right. Being a man diagnosed with Asperger's disorder myself makes it easier for me to identify with the characters in these kind of movies. I've seen and I've met a few people with autism and I think it's hard for "neurotypicals" to understand that this is disorder and not a personality! Some very accurate stuff in this movie includes: - Jane's facial expressions, body language, problems with tone of voice and lack of eye contact, etc. -Her preoccupation and high skills within a narrow range of interests. -Sensory over stimulation. -Social problems: Jane doesn't like crowds, parties, she has problems initiating social contact, problems with social chit chat and doesn't appear to have that many deep connections (relationships) other than to her immediate family.

    To sum things up: If you are after a romantic feelgood movie that touches on the subject of the social issues involved for someone on the autistic spectrum, then I would recommend this movie actually. It's decent! Actually it's a bit more than decent: it's good - but it could've been better! But if you are after a 100% accurate depiction of a true aspie character and their experiences with dating - keep looking!
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    • Author: Deorro
    This wonderful little movie tells a marvelous story of a young girl 'Jane' suffering with Asperger syndrome and how her sister, who is often overly protective of Jane, yet a source of comfort for Jane. Jane meets an unattached man who is mostly directionless and he finds an intellectual and emotional connection in Jane.

    Janes sister 'Bianca' works as a bartender, is practicing for a part in "A Midsummers Nights Dream" in local theatre, and tries her best to be patient and helpful with her sister Jane. Jane both appreciates and resents this! Janes wants a private life but her condition overshadows this desire.

    What follows this scenario is a story of love, frustration, anger, and contentment. This is not a profound story and I think Director: William Sullivan and Writer: Jarret Kerr kept it like this because I believe the audience needed to find a connection with Jane - the person - and not Jane - the person with Asperger syndrome. This is also a lesson Bianca learns the hard way by setting her sister up on a date that doesn't go well.

    This is a sure fire first class movie for people seeking, not drama, but a simple look at life as it can be.
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    • Author: Heri
    I really enjoyed this film. I feel that it was both well written and well acted. The writing and the acting share a common quality. The quality is lack of pretension. The writing deals with a real and increasingly common problem in an unpretentious way, and the acting does the same. Because of this, the film is engaging, endearing, and --most importantly-- moving. I learned from this film. I grew from this film, and, at the risk of being pretentious myself, I would say that I am a better person because of this film. It is indeed easy to lose touch with the normal emotional needs and abilities of people who are emotionally challenged. What hits me so hard is that this one problem can serve as powerful paradigm for all of the foolish insensitivity we may have to others because of our callous and simple-minded generalization and categorization of our fellow humans.
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    • Author: Rrinel
    Warm, endearing, inspiring are what I came away with. This was a wonderful story showing that persons with difficulties can have a happy and fulfilling life. The parents in the film need a good kick up the backside. I felt the way the parents were shown was a bit over the top, and I would hope there were no parents of this type raising a child with this type of difficulty. The elder sister is a better parent. The acting is very good. I very much enjoyed the way the story played out with the exception of the parents. The ending was a little abrupt, and could have gone a little farther. Overall, this film is heartwarming and well worth the cost of a ticket.
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    • Author: Fenritaur
    Disclaimer: I caught this just after seeing Batman Vs. Superman, which depressed me. Not merely because it was a depressing film -- hey, it is not everyday you get to see Superman die -- but also because Hollywood had chosen to spend so much time and money on a such a dreary and chaotic work. So, you see, JANE WANTS A BOYFRIEND was an unexpected joy. Not merely a great little indie, but the perfect antidote to my superhero-induced trauma. Once more I began to think there was hope for mankind, and possibly even Hollywood as well.

    The movie -- that rare combination of good things that come together in the right time and the right place and entertain the daylights out of you. Tight script. Great casting. Krause is a jewel. She does things with her face that makes it seem as though it was made of rubber. And her timing is impeccable. One moment we are caught up in her subjective, confined, autistic world. And the next moment we see her objectively as the world sees her -- a bright spark of a woman, quirky and sweet, with a lot to offer and a sense of self-worth. Great performance! Dushku also surprised. She seems to have left behind her "edge" from her Buffy days and her BRING IT days, and instead has a "Natalie Portman vibe" which works perfectly in this film. She is empathetic, grounding, and engaging. The "sister" scenes work seamlessly. Director William Sullivan is worth keeping an eye on.

    PS - Love the "soup" monologue!
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    • Author: Marirne
    'JANE WANTS A BOYFRIEND': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    A romantic comedy, about a young woman with Asperger's syndrome; that's trying to find her first boyfriend (with the help of her overprotective older sister). The film was directed by William Sullivan, and it was written by Jarret Kerr; the two also teamed up (performing the same duties) for the 2012 feature 'PERCIVAL'S BIG NIGHT', and the 2012 short film 'COMEDIENNE'. This movie stars Louisa Krause, Eliza Dushku, Gabriel Ebert and Amir Arison. I really enjoyed it.

    Jane (Krause) is a young woman, with Asperger's syndrome, who lives with her parents (in Queens, New York); she's also never had a boyfriend. Bianca (Dushku) is her overprotective older sister; who's now moving to Brooklyn with her fiancé, Rob (Arison). Jane's parents are moving away, and they want Jane to move in with Bianca. Bianca and Rob aren't sure if they're ready for that kind of responsibility though, and to top it off Jane decides she wants her first boyfriend. Bianca's friend, Jack (Ebert), is quite interested in Jane, but Bianca is afraid he won't treat her right; due to his past womanizing ways.

    The movie's subject interests me, because I have multiple friends that have told me they think I have Asperger's. I'm quite certain I don't (especially after watching this movie), but I could still really relate to the lead character. I do have some similar social issues (and anxiety problems), and people around me often don't respect my individuality. I also have romantic troubles; but still my issues are quite different than Jane's (and similar at the same time). I still love the movie though, because I think it is inspiring (and very emotional); because of these themes. I think it's beautifully acted, written and directed. It's quite a moving film, especially for anyone who feels different!

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    • Author: Xlisiahal
    ...of; I rymden finns inga känslor (In space there are no emotions, 2010). Possibly just a rework behind the scenes (aka not a rip-off).

    That being said, this is a beautiful movie. It's heartwarming (feelgood), realistic and the relatively unknown cast is mostly spot on. It is rare too see all the pieces line up this well, though I would anticipated it landing around 8 on IMDb.

    Pro's • Eliza Dushku makes her best performance to date (I have not seen all her movies) • Lindsay Arber • Supporting Cast • Production overall • Directing (must have been excellent too pull all the pieces together)

    Con's • The only ones i could find was a few moments where the performances crackled a little. • And possibly there is a lack for a gutwrenching track that connects the start with the end, that could be done on purpose for a more fluent and realistic feeling and possibly even rightly so, it does decrease the emotional peaks a little even though the performances are awfully good.

    Spoiler below. End notes: The message to not constrict life, but let it grow is one I think most can relate to. If you love someone, set them free. Spoiler above.
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    • Author: Itiannta
    Whatever you do stick with this film past the first 15 minutes or so, you will be rewarded it is a delight. We have a son With Aspergers and this film captures both the worst and the best aspects of living with the syndrome for both the individual and their family and the lack of neurotypical understanding. Please ignore the characters of the parents whilst the film may be based around true events they didn't work for me. However Louisa Krause does a really good job with the character of Jane and Eliza Dushku, the love, anguish and helplessness of the older sister Bianca. I found the film pulls you in as it moves along and it surprised, delighted and moved me.
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    • Author: I_LOVE_228
    This is one of those awe-inspiring movies you just can't get enough of! After watching Barefoot for a thousand times, this seems just perfect.

    The writing is just one of the other fantastic things of this movie. And hats off to Louisa Krause for attaining such a high level of acting. It seems so natural you just can't believe it. Every bit of this movie feels real. The anger, the curiosity & her sister's protectiveness all were perfectly blended into the script.

    This movie gives a new perspective to people who aren't aware of such situations. This movie made me understand more about everything around me.

    I don't know if the people who watched it would appreciate it as much as I do but this movie deserves to be released in every theatre in the world. I was disappointed it didn't release here in India.
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    • Author: Keth
    Adorable. You can't help but feel SO happy for Jane. If a bit cheesy, this film definitely won in the cute department. Brought a tear to my eye. I found it very easy to relate to as someone that experiences social anxiety. They did a great job at vividly depicting Jane's point of view and internal experience. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone interested in the subject of autism or similar mental health disorders. It is so interesting to learn about how people with Asperger's process the world. The moral of the story is that trust is essential to finding happiness in an often unforgiving, misunderstanding world.
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    • Author: Tebei
    If you are looking for a heart warming film, that's honest, different and interesting with no unlikeable characters, this is it. I'm not a romance film kind of girl, but this was definitely 101 minutes of my life well spent.
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    • Author: Contancia
    (Flash Review)

    This was a straight-forward yet unique tale of romance that at times tugged the old heart strings. Jane is a high-functioning autistic woman in her mid-20s who lives with her parents. Her parents want to move away to pressure Jane's sister to take her into her home with her fiancé. So lots of family dynamics drama around how her sister and their parents assisting Jane. Yet early on a quirky normal fellow is struggling to blend in with assorted social crowds and he meets Jane and notices she is a little off yet is drawn in my her quirkiness and cuteness. So a rather well-acted and unique love story ensues with a typical story arc around the presumed challenges of Jane's behavior and a blossoming relationship. The film was not really inventive with the shot framing but this was an actor-driven movie with believable acting and depth.
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    • Author: Ueledavi
    As a female living with Asperger's I can easily relate to Jane's situation. This movie was beautifully made and I cried more than once. The portrayal of Aspergers/Autism is very well done but you always have to have in mind that everyone with autism is different and can experience different difficulties with life. For me though, it was very easy to identify with Jane. I sat through the whole movie hoping that Jack and Jane would get together and I cried so much when she finally found love.
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    • Author: Uriel
    "I am a spirit of no common rate. The summer still doth tend upon my state"

    declares Titania to Bottom in Act III Scene 1 of "A Midsummer Night's Dream". The gracious fairy queen has become a victim of a potion that has everybody falling in love with the wrong people. Her husband thought it would teach her a lesson for denying him. But after being dosed with the potion, she falls in love with Bottom (a commoner), who has been turned into a donkey. Love being blind, the joke is on her.

    In the play within a play of "Jane Wants A Boyfriend" (2015), Titania is being played by a stressed out Bianca, the title character's older sister.

    Shakespeare lets the audience share in his joke while viewers of "Jane Wants A Boyfriend" have to work a bit to figure it out. The joke being that Bianca's protectiveness toward her little sister is largely misplaced. Not only is it unnecessarily stressing out Bianca, it has become an obstacle to Jane's growth.

    Jane has Aspergers, but processes a lot more than she is given credited for by Bianca. Childlike in many ways she is perceptive enough at age 25 to realize that her existence is becoming precarious, that her dependency on her parents cannot continue much longer. Accordingly, she is forcing herself to interact more with people. Guidance for this interaction is provided by watching old movies and observing people, mimicking their speech patterns and facial expressions. She refers to this as practicing.

    Jack is the boyfriend that Jane wants. But like Titania's resentment of her husband's infidelities, Bianca disapproves of Jack's bed hopping and fear of commitment. She underestimates her little sister's off-kilter appeal and is afraid that any relationship she enters into with Jack will be brief.

    Another parallel between the two stories is the unlikelihood of the match; the play's fairy queen loving a commoner becomes a neurotypical loving an Aspie. In "Dream" this is part of the joke, in "Jane" it is in large part the reason I embraced the film.

    I like this film better than anything over the past couple of years. The ensemble casting and scripting was excellent, the acting-for-the-camera direction as good as you will find, the pacing perfect, and the editing solid. I especially like the scene transitions where the audio tracks begin a second before the new video track cuts in. The best of these when the film's title is said by Bianca over Jane's face and then later when the cheers and applause of the theater audience plays over the kiss.

    The film is full of tiny touches that you barely notice during the first viewing, like when Bianca thanks the janitor for not running the sweeper while she was talking to Jane. They go out on Bianca and not the title character. With that you realize that this is actually Bianca's story, that she is the character who changed during the course of the narrative. And with this you suddenly realize that Dushku's underplayed performance is every bit as good as that of Krause, something quite unexpected as she is rarely asked to do something this restrained.

    And be sure to watch the entire credit sequence because additional lines from the play are featured along with a several black and white sequences.

    Then again, what do I know? I'm only a child.
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    • Author: Getaianne
    This is like the US version of 'Gabrielle'. About a young woman with Asperger syndrome, trying to date, despite mixed support from her family. This is a cool film. One of the best of its kind. Because this is not the first to explore on such theme. Yeah, they all kind of look the same, but in a different scenario with different syndromes that I even did not know its existence. An unusual romance-drama that focused on as what the director says, 'everyone is worthy of love'.

    The Jane who has just turned 25, still living with her parents and overprotected by her sister. A big fan of classic romance films and now she decided to take control of her own life. Her interest in having a boyfriend is a good sign for her family, particularly her parents who are moving away. But her sister comes as a big obstacle, especially when she finally found someone interested in her. Which leads to fight back, and how her efforts pays off that comes in the remaining parts.

    ❝I've been so focused on the person you were that I wasn't seeing the person you've become.❞

    An indie film, a crowd funded film. A wonderful screenplay and the direction. There were no blank spaces, they all filled with the fine events. Even I liked the pace and the length of the film. But I liked the casting very much. That's the best happened to it. The title role, Jane was awesomely played the actress. Like the saying 'every dog has its day', this was her spotlight and she shined like a rainbow on the summer. Her sister role as well by Eliza Dushku was great, so the remaining cast.

    You know most of the story, but how it progresses on its own style was the key to its success. This is not just about Asperger syndrome, but like any family who have had a hard time letting it go after coming to realise their position. It was not exactly a romance film you would expect. Because romance was the least focused part, except the initiation for the rest film, which was built on that platform. With the influence of romance, the story takes off from there till the last.

    One of the year's best and a must see independent film. The target audience is the families, but very much suitable for all ages. There's no way it could have been better. Only if some other filmmakers, film productions attempted it, they would have altered to their style of filmmaking. Otherwise the core of the theme remains the same. With the least known actors and the crew, this is not some film, but a fine film, an appreciable effort. This is an under-noticed film, as well as underrated. It needs your uplift, so don't turn it down.

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    • Author: Bladebringer
    I am a aspiring producer in film school and i love watching all sorts of films. I came across this film on t.v, I have to say a very good job done. The story is beautiful that sends a very positive and direct message to the audience. I was smiling all the way through and even teared up a bit. I loved the film and loved the message that was being portrayed, it was executed well and touches the heart.
  • Credited cast:
    Louisa Krause Louisa Krause - Jane
    Gabriel Ebert Gabriel Ebert - Jack
    Eliza Dushku Eliza Dushku - Bianca
    Polly Draper Polly Draper - Mom
    Gregg Edelman Gregg Edelman - Father
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Lindsay Arber Lindsay Arber - Peaseblossom
    Sal Ardisi Sal Ardisi - Audience Member (as Salvatore Ardisi)
    Amir Arison Amir Arison - Rob
    Jon Bass Jon Bass - Steve
    Margaret Donlin Margaret Donlin - Laughing Woman
    Franco Gonzalez Franco Gonzalez - Jose
    Gary Hilborn Gary Hilborn - Gyp
    Greg Keller Greg Keller - Paul
    Benj Mirman Benj Mirman - Friend 1
    Kristina Mueller Kristina Mueller - Mustardseed
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