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With a new ally on his team, Oliver engages Diaz in an epic final battle.

When Oliver speaks with Rene about when they first met, he says "I thought you were just a thug in a ridiculous costume." Rene's original costume was a hockey mask and scruffy clothing; the same kind worn by the character Casey Jones, portrayed by Stephen Amell in the TMNT 2 film.

Calling the assassins the Long Bow Hunters, is a nod to the limited series "Green Arrow, the Long Bow Hunters" from 1987. The Arrow show owes a lot to this series as it moved the Green Arrow character in a darker direction moving away from trick arrows and gimmicks to traditional arrows, just like the show. It also introduced Shado and Eddie Fyers also key characters in the Arrow series.

When Oliver is fighting Diaz on top of the building and Laurel blasts Diaz off with her cry, the dialogue exchange afterwards with Oliver and Laurel is word for word the same as when Thea shot Vandal Savage off the balcony of their high rise in The Flash episode "Legends of Today": Oliver- "What did you do?!" Laurel- "I ended it."

The way that the season ends with Oliver ending up in a super-max prison where everyone knows he is the Green Arrow would appear to lifted from the "Escape from Supermax" (or sometimes just listed as "Supermax") film project. A planned film written, and potentially to be directed by David S. Goyer it was to feature Green Arrow being wrongfully incarcerated in a super-max prison filled with villains and having to escape before they kill him.

The final episode in which actor Paul Blackthorne portrays Earth-1 Quentin Lance.

After the opening fight sequence at the police station, Curtis's (Mr.Terrific) hair goes from slicked back in one shot to full afro in the next.

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    • Author: Kamuro
    Not strong enemy for Oliver. Diaz should have had something that could make fight with Oliver special. Oliver is trained, and defeated Malcolm Merlyn, Ras Al Ghul, Deathstroke, Prometheus and Damien Darhk... final fight was absurd... but anyway they were ten times stronger than Diaz. Diaz is just a cruel gangster. I hope the next season of the series will be much better than this.
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    • Author: komandante
    All around this episode was really good and I applaud the risks they took. I can only hope they follow through.
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    • Author: Lanin
    I don't get all the hate this ending gets. For me it was perfect.
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    • Author: Voodoozragore
    Season six of Arrow has been a real rollercoaster of qualities and never fully reached potential until its last half. It was no secret that "Life Sentence" had to solidify whether this season was a bummer or not and it made a very clear statement. While it's certainly not as good as "Lian Yu" from last year, "Life Sentence" surely ranks amongst Arrow's strongest episodes and finale's. With James Bamford in the director's seat, I was treated to some top-notch action and plenty of explosions (something that has been consistently excellent throughout this season), but in the end, it was the emotional resonance of this finale that really hit hard. All cast members got a moment to shine and each made the most of themselves. Oliver (Stephen Amell), Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) Quentin (Paul Blackthorne) and Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) all earn my praise for their committed attitudes. What is probably most interesting about this chapter is that it doesn't feel like a very high-stake battle and yet it means so much to each and every character of Team Arrow. Add to that the hints of possible future villains and a few shocking twists towards the end, Arrow ended season six on an absolute winner of an episode and properly established its seventh outing. It's going to be a very interesting time when the show returns...
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    • Author: Cia
    It was fine, normal, except that diaz is still alive. I liked laurel and quentin and the cameo of sara.
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    • Author: Zacki
    So,the final episode started with a fight scene,a scene that should make you interested in this episode(even if it was kind of a rushed one).The Team Arrow -FBI partnership it's seems to work well against Diaz army.Even Anatoly is betraying Diaz,knowing that he can't escape from him.While his army is taken down,Diaz realize that he may loose the fight,so he is trying to get the FBI out of city,scene,where we found out that Laurel is still alive,but imprisoned by Diaz.Pressured by Diaz,Quentin will do anything he can to save Laurel life ,which will lead to his sacrifice,and the major death of this episode.The final fight with Diaz is better than i expected and i think that a lot of people will enjoy it.Diaz is escaping after his fight with Oliver ,and from my perspective this is a good thing(because Diaz was a great villain and i would like to see more of his backstory and what he can do next),but in the same time i didn't like the fact that he survived because i wanted to see some revenge for Quentin. In many scenes of this episode Oliver is doing some farewell speeches with John,Rene and the others,speeches that makes you think that something big is going to happen with Oliver.As it was expected Oliver partnership with the FBI came with a big cost,that being the Green Arrow Legacy.He is being arrested for good this time ,and he admits in front of everyone that he is the Green Arrow,this being the ending scene of the final episode of season 6. While Oliver is speaking we can see the FBI arresting the people on Diaz payroll.The transition between these scenes is from top to bottom,thing that could mean the fall of something like Diaz empire,and his people too. In this scenes we can see Diaz being alive and watching Oliver becoming the martyr that Diaz was trying to avoid all this time.Also,in this scene a frame that is focused on Diaz Dragon tattoo, means a lot.We can see on his back a big cut that is covering the dragon tattoo,which can mean that the dragon is hurt,his pride was hurt too.Basically he lost something big,so the cuted dragon tattoo symbolize this. Now as i was telling in my review title ,this ending was a necessary one "I am the Green Arrow" line is a game changer for this show and its next seasons.Now everyone knows who the Green Arrow,so if he will come out from prison he cant go put like Green Arrow anymore,at least not with his mask on.Over the past seasons ,the bad guy was defeated and Oliver would continue to be the Green Arrow without too much people knowing his identity I am really curious how season 7 is gonna be influenced by this. As for Oliver being in prison,i don't think that this will last to much.John will take the hood for some episodes,but eventually Oliver will come back,and somehow i think that the police or even Samandra Watson will ask for his help at some point in the next season. For season 6 finale,this was a great episode that paid some boring moments of this season.This show is going in a new direction and i can't wait to see it.
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    • Author: Άνουβις
    The only reason I keep watching the show is because of what we've seen in the first 3 seasons and because I'm a huge DC fan, but now I really hope season 7 is gonna be the last.

    The repetitive shoots, the awful fight sequences, the "boo hoo" drama that no one cares about... All of these are getting really boring and tiresome.

    We won't be seeing again Quentin Lance, a character that has been around since the beginning and has a great dynamic with Oliver, and NOBODY CARED! It seemed like the CHARACTERS didn't even care so much! Act for god's sake! The only reason I felt something is because I really like the character and i'm a fan of Paul Blackthorne's performance, the only one that I've been enjoying from the first time we meet him, until his death. Rest in Peace, Quentin.

    We heard that Sarah Lance is coming back for the season finale. What an awful promotion!

    Also, the "big bad" with the ZERO true motive is staying around and will definitely be back for season 7. Great. Just great.

    One of the show's biggest wins for the first 3 seasons were the character. Now, we went from Slade Wilson, Sarah Lance, Malcolm Merlyn etc. to "I don't have a true reason to be here except the fact that I fit in this teenage drama" Curtis Holt character.

    I admit that the show took a huge risk by having Oliver reveal that he's the Green Arrow and I'm curious to see where this is going, but the show has proven to be untrustworthy in such situations.

    I just really hope that, with the return of Roy Harper, we will see a last season of true "Arrow", the show I loved for the first three seasons.
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    • Author: Ynneig
    What a emotional rollercoaster ride this episode was! It had great moments between characters and a extremely sad death scene. The conversation between Oliver and Quentin in the hospital was the best acted scene in the episode. It shows how those characters have evolved over the course of the six seasons. Oliver and Quentin's relationship had its fair share of ups and downs, but in the end both characters learnt from their previous mistakes and forgave the other. Oliver and Quentin have a father-son relationship and that was mentioned in this episode.

    Even though this episode did not reach the heights of the season five finale, it was still a great episode and dealt with Ricardo Diaz aka The Dragon in a fitting way. Next season the Longbow Hunters will be introduced and they will probably be the main villain group of season 7. I found it great that Ricardo Diaz was not defeated nor did he die. However, he lost control of the city and may fight to get it back.

    This episode ended the storyline of Oliver Queen being outed as the Green Arrow. I was one of very few people that actually enjoyed this storyline. It was brilliant that the show included the I am Green Arrow scene. There is definitely no going back from there. That scene reminded me so much of the I am Iron Man moment at the end of the first Iron Man movie.
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    • Author: Manona
    This season much like this show is very up and down, seasons 1,2, and 5 are amazing, 3,4, and 6 range from mediocre to bad. The first half of this season was rather boring with bad villains such as Caden James and Black Siren, I think they were interesting characters but they were terribly acted.

    On the other hand you have a storyline with Team Arrow going through a breakup. This started off interesting though towards the end it became boring filler plot for Oliver's arc about him being the Green Arrow affecting his personal life and those around him.

    The finale was good and left off on a good cliffhanger though I thought Quentin's death was forced and poorly executed. I still plan on watching season 7 but they need to greatly improve their storylines and villains to match or even surpass the quality of seasons 1,2, and 5.
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    • Author: Sudert
    I could go into detail about how this series has declined so precipitously this season, but to be honest, it's gotten so bad, I don't even want to put in the effort. Instead, I will cut and paste selections from someone else's words, in hopes that the opinion of a more well-known reviewer will have enough weight to save others from investing (i.e., wasting) any more time on this series. I hope Chris King won't object. If interested, that person's full review can be found here:

    "The team can't take down Diaz and his men themselves, even though they've dealt with Slade's Mirakuru soldiers and the League of Assassins before.... The Arrow writers miss too many of the little and even big details to truly make this storyline fulfilling. I won't harp on Diaz for too much longer, but the fact that he's the villain who finally forces Oliver to out himself as the Green Arrow is insulting to the character of Oliver Queen. No matter what Black Siren or anyone else tries to tell me, Diaz has always been a drug-dealing, bullying thug, who is maybe worth one episode of Oliver's time, not an entire season. The fact that the creative team never showed us how dominating of a foe he was throughout Season 6 but had to consistently tell us is one of this season's most destructive flaws. Worse than Diaz, though, is what the writers did to characters we loved or were growing to love throughout Season 6. Rene, Dinah, and even Diggle suddenly behaved wildly out-of-character during this season strictly for the means of the plot. The writers had an idea in their minds, to make Oliver feel at his most lonely and vulnerable and desperate, so that he would be in a place where he felt he had to make this type of sacrifice at the end of the season. However, in order to push Oliver to that place, we had to have Rene choose to betray Oliver in order to save Zoe instead of working with his friend and leader to help protect her. We had to have Dinah hypocritically call Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle out for lying while she was hiding her relationship with Vince from them. We had to have Diggle want to be the Green Arrow for reasons he can't even fully articulate during this finale and question Oliver's leadership after five-plus years of standing by him. All of this conflict has been unearned and manufactured, and unfortunately, it's why so many of Oliver's conversations (I refuse to call them apologies cause Oliver has nothing to apologize for) with his teammates, even with Dig, fall flat for me throughout "Life Sentence." There's no real emotional foundation for these exchanges to stand on after the inconsistent character work of Season 6, and therefore, what are supposed to be these authentic moments between friends feel just as hastily assembled as the original problems that pushed them apart. Even parts of these scenes that do somewhat work for me, such as Diggle telling Oliver that having two Green Arrows would diminish the importance of what the GA stands for and Dinah saying that she respects him more than he could ever know, still ring false. In these moments, Diggle and Dinah feel like the versions of who their characters used to be before their dramatic personality shifts, and there hasn't been enough ownership of their own faults and self-reflection to explain how they could suddenly switch back to the people they used to be.... Black Siren has done a lot of reprehensible things throughout Season 6, but I don't think I'll ever forgive her for helping to let Diaz go, even if it was accidental. The fact that Diaz is still alive after this season has me furious, and I don't care how cool the Longbow Hunters sound."

    One last point. Chris King ends his review with wishes for an improved Season 7. I don't believe they can do it.
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    • Author: Tinavio
    And so ends the worst single season in the history of the Arrowverse. Even with a few truly great episodes, this season never quite got its footing. Constantly battling its own mistakes and compounding those mistakes with utter failures. Season 6 will forever be remembered (or forgotten, rather) because of its lack of execution with grand story ambitions. But even with that all said, I'm very happy with the final shot the show took this season.

    So, I was right all along, Oliver did in fact announce himself as the Green Arrow to the mass public and he will begin season 7 in jail. It's been something rumored to happen for months and after Stephen Amell himself said at H&V Fest Chicago to us that they would end S6 with a revelation that can't be undone, it was only a matter of time before the big secret was officially out. Now, does that retroactively undo some humongous mishaps the show made this year with that particular storyline? No, absolutely not. I will never understand why Agent Watson disappeared for 15 episodes nor will I fully grasp the trainwreck episode in the courtroom a few weeks back with Human Target, but at least this show finally made the ballsy decision to out their hero once and for all. I've always found the idea of having Ollie's identity outed to be fascinating, it's just going to come down to execution. With a new showrunner, hopefully there will be a change of direction.

    So other than that, James Bamford's direction definitely brought a fun energy to the episode, with long-take action, and a visceral feel to the choreography, it certainly leveled up the tension. However, his direction can only take the lackluster presence of Diaz so far. For all he's "built up" this season, doesn't it feel like he just decided to run away and hide like a whiny child in this episode? Even the fight between him and Oliver never really added stakes to the episode, because ultimately the episode never focused on Diaz. It was all about Ollie's farewell tour in light of his decision to turn himself in. Sure it may have been overdoing it, but I enjoyed those individual scenes with Rene, Dinah, Diggle, and even Felicity. For as rough as the season was, it's hard not to feel the weight of those scenes due to where this show came from and where it's at now.

    But let me not bury the lead either, the death of Quentin is a big one. I've often thought his death would have been better served at the end of season 3 or season 4 (where he had a much bigger role), but if he had to go, this way was handled with as much respect and care as one could imagine. The scene with Oliver and Quentin in the hospital is one of the best scenes this show has ever given us, and I sure am going to miss Paul Blackthorne. Geez, this cast is losing its original cast in a rapid fashion.

    In all, this episode mostly succeeded with its fast paced action and quiet dramatic moments. Heck, when Caity Lotz shows up devastated to hear about Quentin, her brief but devastating line "Ollie" while he walks away arrested was enough to stir the pot of emotion. We'll see how far this show is willing to take the identity crisis and "super max" style beginning to the season. Perhaps they learned a little from Flashpoint.

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    • Author: greatest
    I'm not gonna say any spoilers but there are some great fight scenes between Oliver and Diaz, and a very brave cliffhanger at the end
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    • Author: Ishnllador
    Throughout the season they have been hinting great potential for Diaz as the villain, and it would only make sense to bring him at his best in the finale. And yet he hardly even appears in this episode. Nope instead they focus on Oliver shaking hands with team members who quite frankly ruined season 6.

    No one can deny the spectacular ending, which seems like the only thing the writers focused on in this messy episode. It was a very risky move and lets hope the writers don't ruin it like they ruined the season 5 finale in the season 6 premier episode by making no 'fallout' to an entire island being blown up.
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    • Author: Ieslyaenn
    First, let me be clear: I am addressing only the storyline. As always, the actors, crew, and others did an outstanding job! 10/10 stars.

    I don't know how tightly or loosely this fictional Arrowverse tries to be realistic to our current customs, traditions, and laws, but this entire episode is based on a very wrong legal basis! I base this on the fact that Star City must be in the United States of America, since the pivotal character is an FBI agent.

    Since FBI Agent Watson neglected her duty to intervene when the criminals first took over, leading to Oliver being so desperate he "testified against himself" in the previous episode, *she* should be the one in jail awaiting trial after she is fired!

    In the free world, a confession *must* be without any doubt given freely. And, even then, the accused is still allowed to have a trial, because it's up to a jury to hear the whole case, and consider whether or not a confession meets the requirements of the U.S. Constitution's Fifth Anendment.

    Sorry, even stretching fiction here does not merit this contrived drama. And as a season finale, leaving this both unchallenged and resolved in a trial Oliver Queen has every right to demand, this is not a "cliff hanger", but a very bad train wreck.
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    • Author: Mr.jeka
    Very good season finale! I never imagined that Oliver Queen would make his Green Arrow identity public.
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    • Author: Mash
    Arrow is now beyond ridiculous and fade....writers seem exhausted and producers r not able to hold the current level on A current TV show.... actually the whole DC universe of CW has a problem - "i need to talk", "we need to talk" blablabla.... solution: cut each season of each DC hero into 12 episodes more or less, boost the storyline like Stranger Things, cut the rubbish talks(we dont have time to watch this over and over again)....then the story will be interesting like the beginning, and the rating will grow....the cancelled episodes run more shows for transferring the risk.... but now it feels like CW cant kill any hero from DC universe because DC universe already went there, losing any hero is almost telling the audience that we want DC universe to end, but if CW doesnt kill some drags, they will be the pain in the A** until the whole DC universe cant last anymore....
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    • Author: Jazu
    The ending to this season could either be amazing or great. They tried something similar with flash and it failed. Oliver should stay in prison for at least 4-5 episodes. Also, how are you guys gonna do Quentin like that CW? I understand that he had to die, but y'all failed with his death. Hospital scene was too melodramatic and predictable. They failed Quentin Lance. Other than that, really good finale, I hope they follow up in season 7.
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    • Author: Xor
    The episode was really good, filled with action, betrayal and forgiveness ... the finale attempt to finally get the best of Diaz.

    The season over all was just on the edge of being good,, there were some episodes were i literally fast-forwarded the whole episode into a 10 minutes time.. but there were a couple of episodes where things were more focused and related to the plot,, but after all with this finale things somewhat paid off even though we still might see "looney" Diaz again next season, but still i think things worked out fine, more than a couple of other conflicts have been resolved like with Loral and the team Aaaand a final surprise losing one of the key characters we had since episode one.

    Final thought,, the series is good the way it was back in 2013 the one with Merlyn in and memories of the Island,, Oh i miss that Arrow,, i think by crossing over so many shows together and bringing some aliens and i had to watch a couple of episodes in DC Legends or superwoman or whatever made me a bit agitated so hopefully they don't do that next season.
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    • Author: Ranenast
    I really hate series that nullifies every effort, risks, and sacrifices made previously. This is exsctly what this episode is all about. After receiving all the help he needs to protect his identity, now he just put a target at the back of his kid and wife forever - something he's trying to avoid in the first place. They should not have released their highest-rated episode this season, episode 21 if it will just go to nothing.
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    • Author: Gralmeena
    This finale was the best finale ever. Lian Yu explosion was good, but they really made the season 6 storyline pay off, with not including the classic good defeats bad and having a change. The ending was superb, finishing with one of the main characters leaving the show. Really excited for Season 7!!!
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    • Author: Ximinon
    Obviously, this show's writers have no imagination!

    Anyone that thinks that the current quality of Arrow is acceptable is the reason that so many series that should be awesome aren't - *because they don't have to put in an effort to keep fans happy!*

    Arrow should be rebooted. All the characters are unlikeable, as they've deviated so much from their original identifiers.

    Ollie, who is supposed to be our hero, is a criminal, you can't deny that. He's perjured himself under oath, so "his word" can never be trusted, he allowed a murderer (Laurel) to escape justice, and was complicit in the illegal harbouring of her by Quentin (another corrupt politician using his office for personal use).

    This perpetual garbage with the bad guy never being finally stopped is boring, too. Every season! On, and on. "Woops, that didn't work, let's try this, that, the other thing! Felicity! Quickly! Pretend to type really fast on the keyboard and give me another unsuccessful solution!"

    And, the biggest detriment to this series is the soap opera drama. That can work with other shows, but as I said, these characters are unlikeable, *so who cares!*

    Reboot! They do it in the comics, they did it with Spider-Man movies, they can do it with Arrow television.

    Oh, yes -- fire the writers!
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    • Author: Mora
    I've been a huge fan of the show from the very beginning, especially the first few seasons. I have to say the last several seasons have been getting worse and worse, and we are seeing the same, tired, contrived drama, characters acting way different than they should, just to keep the pathetic plot going, the big bad guy who is totally omnipotent, has the city in his pocket, wants to destroy Oliver's life, discredit him, kill the people he loves, etc etc.

    But this season I believe has reached the height of stupidity. The main bad guy muscles his way into the MOST powerful criminal organization in the COUNTRY, and brutishly kills several of the highest ranking people, and NOTHING happens to him. Not only does no one take him down, but they instantly join him, without ANY reprisals whatsoever. It was almost like a slap in the face to the viewers.

    I could go on and on, but I'm really questioning whether I'll watch it next season. This is getting downright painful to watch.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Stephen Amell Stephen Amell - Oliver Queen / Green Arrow
    David Ramsey David Ramsey - John Diggle / Spartan
    Emily Bett Rickards Emily Bett Rickards - Felicity Smoak
    Echo Kellum Echo Kellum - Curtis Holt / Mr. Terrific
    Rick Gonzalez Rick Gonzalez - Rene Ramirez / Wild Dog
    Juliana Harkavy Juliana Harkavy - Dinah Drake / Black Canary
    Katie Cassidy Katie Cassidy - Laurel Lance / Black Siren
    Paul Blackthorne Paul Blackthorne - Quentin Lance
    Kirk Acevedo Kirk Acevedo - Ricardo Diaz
    Caity Lotz Caity Lotz - Sara Lance
    David Nykl David Nykl - Anatoly Knyazev
    Sydelle Noel Sydelle Noel - Samanda Watson
    Venus Terzo Venus Terzo - Dr. Elisa Schwartz
    Jarryd Baine Jarryd Baine - Reporter
    Josh Byer Josh Byer - Officer Parks
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