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    • Author: Nalaylewe
    This little mini series is among the best I've ever seen. The actors are committed to their work, the story is believable, yet uncommon enough (to many people) to be appealing.

    Katie Blake does a superb appearance as Helen, a teenager about to finish school and go to college, when "Dear Nobody" shows up and turns her world up side down with a tough decision to make and some well hidden family secrets to discover

    Sean Maguire as her boyfriend also delivers a solid performance, but not quite reaching up to Blake's standard. To me he's too much of the stereotypical handsome male. Rough features, a squared jaw and not a freckle or a zit for miles around. But let's not hold that against him. He does after all perform admirably and manages to convey the anxiety any teenage boy in his position would feel.

    In closing:

    Watch this series and ponder the moral dilemma it does in fact present. Or just watch it and be entertained by the actors and mesmerized by Katie Blake's beauty. Like I did.
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    • Author: Aedem
    Review – Dear Nobody

    The miniseries "Dear Nobody", a film by Juliet May, is based on a novel by Berlie Doherty.

    The film tells the story of Helen and Chris. The story alternates between Helen's letters and Chris's narrative. Both are eighteen years old and live in Sheffield. Their relationship develops well, but it all changes when Helen gets to know that she is pregnant. Their plans for the future seem to be destroyed and their family and parents don' t make the situation easier. That's the plot so far. The story of to the two loving teenagers who have to deal with the unexpected pregnancy is told in 3 episodes. The main actors are Katie Blake as Helen and Sean Maguire as Chris. So all in all it seems as if this film could be a nice view on a hard situation in the lives of two teenagers, but…

    …, the film isn't able to tell the story that well and realistically that the viewer is able not to fall asleep after the first 10 minutes. That not the fault of the actors. Katie Blake and Sean Maguire try to act as realistically and as emotionally as possible, but it's the slow story and the boring scenes that destroy the whole atmosphere of the film. In addition to this the music that reminds of terrible guitar music from the 80's and doesn't fit to the movie. No questions - the film has got potential. The theme is very interesting and the moral aspects that appear in the film are very positive, ( abortion, adoption, family relationships, loneliness, love, pregnancy and sexuality) and everyone can imagine that it's not easy to become pregnant if you are about to finish your childhood but the film hasn't got the same power and the class to fascinate the viewer as the novel has.

    Jony, Veriii, Lisa
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    • Author: Risky Strong Dromedary
    The movie "Dear Nobody" directed by Juliet May deals with problems of teenagers.

    The movie was released in 1997 (GB). This miniseries contains three episodes and is based upon the novel "Dear Nobody" by Berlie Doherty. There are a few popular actors for example Katie Blake as Helen and Sean Maguire as Chris.

    The story is about two young people: Helen and Chris. They love each other and so they make love. But both of them don't think about contraceptives and so Helen gets pregnant. Now Helen feels like there's nobody to turn to and so she writes to the unborn baby "nobody" The main characters have to make important decisions which change their lives. There are also some well hidden family secrets to discover.

    The movie is well done, the actors are very convincing and convey the feelings of these young people excellently. The film deals with the structure of the book really good. Sometimes it doesn't fit but that's okay. I liked the idea of using "voice-over" for the "nobody letters" . But some important scenes are missing.

    Sometimes the film is a bit boring and hard to understand if you haven't read the book. All in all it's a good film about love, how love can turn into hatred, how it can tear people apart and make them do things which may hurt other people.

    So it's worth seeing.

    Lara B. and Saskia W.
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    • Author: Umrdana
    Review: "Dear Nobody" – The movie The miniseries "Dear Nobody" (1997) by Juliet May is a drama/romance and deals with the relationship between two young people, a girl and a boy. The girl is pregnant, and that is why she realizes that they are not ready for each other. She always writes letters to her unborn child to get rid of her fear, anger and pain. The movie is based upon a novel of the same title by Berlie Doherthy. The main characters are played by Katie Blake as Helen and Sean Maguire as her boyfriend Chris.

    In my opinion the movie is a pretty boring one. After having read the novel, the movie is not interesting anymore. Some things have changed in the movie in comparison to the novel; some things are treated differently, with more or less importance. For example, Jill did not tell Chris and Helen that she also had an abortion in the past, but she tells it to Chris' dad. Maybe the budget for that film was not one of the biggest, but the producers could have made more out of the story. Katie Blake fits very well into her role as Helen, and so does the actor of "Tom".

    So all in all, the movie is very interesting…if you haven't read the novel before.

    Mathis K. and Michael V.
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    • Author: Neol
    'Dear Nobody' is a TV-miniseries drama directed by Juliet May in 1997. It's based on a novel with the same title. It deals with the problems of a girl aged 18, Helen performed by Katie Blake and her boyfriend, Chris played by Sean Maguire. Helen is pregnant and is not sure if she should keep the baby or have an abortion, because she is afraid of telling it to her mother and of ruining her life. Chris and Helen have to solve a lot of problems. But finally she decides to keep the baby and tries to manage the situation. The subject is interesting and seems to be realistic, but the cast and the crew have not exactly covered themselves with glory. The actors do not appear to be experienced, their mimic art seems superficial and it sounds like laughter when someone cries. I think the whole movie gets by with one song, maybe they are proud of it because they worked economically–actually they were not only very "economical" there – but I think that made the film very, very boring. In my opinion, if you have read the book, you should by no means watch this film. Even if the structure is arranged quite well, some very important aspects of the book are not even mentioned and the characters do not fit at all.

    Finally I have to recommend that nobody should waste his/her time and watch this film. It is really boring and dreadful. I am sorry… but no. Just no.
  • Credited cast:
    Katie Blake Katie Blake - Helen Garton
    Peter Davison Peter Davison - Mr. Garton
    Barbara Flynn Barbara Flynn - Chris' Mother
    Sean Maguire Sean Maguire - Chris
    Rebecca Manley Rebecca Manley - Mrs. Garton
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