» » The Courtship of Eddie's Father Dear Mr. Cooper aka Eddie Meets an Astronaut (1969–1972)

Short summary

Eddie receives a telegram from astronaut, Colonel Leroy Gordon Cooper. Cooper is responding positively to an invitation from Eddie to come to the Corbett household to have a quiet lunch, away from the media spotlight. Tom is a little skeptical that the telegram is really from Cooper - he thinks one of Eddie's friends is playing a joke. But it ends up really being from Cooper. Tom, despite being in the media business, does not want to capitalize on Eddie's quiet lunch, and thus decides not to do a story on it for the magazine. However, one of Eddie's classmates, Sammy Weston, has a father in television and he wants to film the lunch. Tom lets Eddie make up his own mind, and Eddie says no. Weston counter offers with the filmed luncheon being shown as a segment on a network show with an appearance fee paid to Eddie of $1,000. Eddie still says no. Weston yet counter offers with a $2,000 donation to Eddie's favorite charity. This time, Tom, offended by the offer, says no on behalf of Eddie...

Episode cast overview:
Bill Bixby Bill Bixby - Tom Corbett
Miyoshi Umeki Miyoshi Umeki - Mrs. Livingston
Brandon Cruz Brandon Cruz - Eddie Corbett
Gordon Cooper Gordon Cooper - Himself (as Colonel Leroy Gordon Cooper)
Bill Fiore Bill Fiore - Mr. Weston
Kristina Holland Kristina Holland - Tina Rickles
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