» » La virgen que forjó una patria (1942)

La virgen que forjó una patria (1942) watch online HD

La virgen que forjó una patria (1942) watch online HD
  • Original title:La virgen que forjó una patria
  • Category:Movie / Drama
  • Released:1942
  • Director:Julio Bracho
  • Actors:Ramon Novarro,Domingo Soler,Gloria Marín
  • Writer:Julio Bracho,René Capistrán Garza
  • Duration:1h 50min
  • Video type:Movie

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    • Author: Abuseyourdna
    La Virgen que forjó una patria (The Virgin that forged a country) is a masterpiece of Mexican cinema. Directed by Julio Bracho, one of the greates film makers of Mexican Cinema Golden Age, this movie shows the two main envents in Mexican History, that forged the unity of all Mexicans, two events in which The Virgin of Guadalupe, the symbol of Mexican Catholicism, took part. The first fact is when The Virgin Mary appeared as a Mexican dark skin young lady, to Juan Diego, a young Aztec Indian, in 1531 (it is said that Juan Diego was not so young when he saw the Virgin, but in the film he looks young). The Virgin took the name of Guadalupe and became the "Mother of all Mexicans". The second event is when Miguel Hidalgo, the priest who began the movement for Mexican Independence in 1810, took a flag with image of The Virgin of Guadalupe as a symbol for his troops. The two events, separated in time for almost 300 years, are linked by director Bracho by the narration Priest Hidalgo makes to one of his soldiers, Allende, of the story of the Virgin's aparition to Juan Diego. Hollywood's silent film idol, Mexican Ramon Novarro, makes his only aparition in a Mexican film, as a sweet innocent Juan Diego: a great performance. A film all Mexican film lovers and Ramon Novarro's fans must see.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Ramon Novarro Ramon Novarro - Juan Diego
    Domingo Soler Domingo Soler - Fray Martín
    Gloria Marín Gloria Marín - Xochiquiauit, la esclava
    Paco Fuentes Paco Fuentes - Pedro de Alonso
    Felipe Montoya Felipe Montoya - Xiunel
    Alberto Galán Alberto Galán - Fray Juan de Zumárraga
    Manuel Pozos Manuel Pozos - Bernardino
    Mario Gil Mario Gil - Hijo de Bernardino
    José Morcillo José Morcillo - Nuño de Guzmán
    Octavio Martínez Octavio Martínez - Delgadillo
    Margarita Cortés Margarita Cortés - Mujer de Juan Diego
    José Elías Moreno José Elías Moreno - Capitán Ordaz
    Armando Velasco Armando Velasco - Primer familiar
    Humberto Rodríguez Humberto Rodríguez - Segundo familiar
    Jesús Valero Jesús Valero - Carlos V
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