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A husband has his life ruined when he find his wife having sex with another man. He becomes a psycho-sadistic serial killer who kills, rapes and sometimes even eats parts of his victims. Blood on blood. You should not cheat on your husband when he is raving jealous, he will make you suffer beyond belief...

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    • Author: Jwalextell
    I am distantly related to Heini Grünbaum, and I don't mean to be rude but this movie is not very good. First of all, I am a big horror connosour, and this movie lets horror connoisseurs down. Because it isn't horror. It's rather some sort of sadism, and Sam Peckinpahsk violence. The reviewer who thinks the scene with the wife, who moans "en vatpik!" is funny ought to rethink. It is not funny. It is merely pornographic. Moreover, the main character has no motive for going on a murder spree. There is no cause for the effect. It is highly unlikely that such an innocent episode should trigger such frenzy and madness. Surely the every day stress most people experience are worse than what the main character encounters! To make it even more crazy, the black girl is not an accomplice in anything thus he has no motive for treating her the way he does. Violence like this are usually perpetrated by psychopaths such as Peter Lundin who have a malfunctioned brain and nervous system. There is nothing to indicate that the main character has any. He is just supposed to be motivated by "jealousy". That's ridiculous. That is certainly not the way jealousy works.
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    • Author: Dukinos
    Yes yes....many Danish film critics and splatter/horror-fans have been real busy dismissing this no-budget flick as the worst of the worst. opinion is they don't know what to look for. For starters...FLÆNSET(SHREDDED) is ok filmed and edited. The director and his crew certainly know their genre territory and plays around with horror/sleaze/xploitation-conventions in a rather amusing manner(in many scenes).This film...with all its shortcomings,yeah actually a very cleverly arranged piece of gross-out entertainment.Don't look for anything artsy,great classic acting etc...U'll only get disappointed. The gore-score is minimal, but we're not talking serious splatter as in Lucio Fulci. The gory happenings are exaggerated to the "xtreme" and U'll need a grin on your face to really appreciate it.There's a lot of sexual "activities" as well and it's here that Heini Grunbaum delivers truly nice touches. Like where hubby is watching the miss'us getting done by a big stud, who asks her. "So what is your husband really like ?". Moaning of lusty pleasure she replies..."En vattepik" (hanging d...!!!). is just sooo...funniiii!!! And the scene with the policeman sneaking up on a girl in the shower...uuuhh-huuuhhh!!!???? So.....a lot of good B-horror fun + some promise of talent, makes this little quickie far from the worst Danish movie ever. Actually it's the first "SERIOUS" try in this field and director Heini should take another slap at it again soon...please.
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    • Author: Kifer
    This is simply one of the worst and most boring movies ever made in the history of Danish Movie industry. There is simply no plot in the movie, it´s only blood and murder (that is not bad if there is a point). Why a fantastic actor like Thomas Bo Larsen participate in this movie is for me a giant mystery, because it can´t be for the money, since the movie never reached the danish cinemas and thank you for that. Instead of wasting 60 DKK (5£) in the cinema I only "wasted" 28 DKK (2£) at the local videojoint. It has always been said that the danish movie called "Reptilicus" was the worst movie ever to be made in Denmark, but that´s over now. Keep the money in your pocket. DO NOT waste them on "Flænset". And to the people from Denmark reading this : Den film er noget LORT.
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    • Author: Bralore
    One of the first Danish direct-to-video movies, this drearily routine slasher horror thriller belongs to the slew of DTV junk that gave video a bad name in the first place. Despite its decent cast, film never rises above the paperthin material, and the film is missing anything resembling plot, character motivation and excitement. It's gratuitously bloody and offensively stupid. Why famed character actor Jens Okking decided to take part in this, is as unbelievable as anything else in this movie. Debuting director Heini Grünbaum seems to pass himself off as the next Sam Peckinpah, but might have more in common with the likes of Jess Franco or Andy Milligan...
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    • Author: Brariel
    A very simple story of insane revenge. Dude catches wife (with big boobies) cheating. And to make matters worse she's also bad-mouthing him. So hubby snaps and starts killing everybody. There's a little more to the story but it's basically about this guy going nuts.

    And tell ya what, don't listen to these reviews. There are far worse movies than this. Flaenset actually did a pretty good job in creating a somewhat realistic trip down a path of blind, blood-thirsty, revenge filled insanity. There are all types of dudes you'll meet at bars or wherever and they'll be the first to say that they'll kill someone if they see anyone hit on their girl, or if their girl cheated on them. Well, firstly we all know no one really likes to fight, so most people are full of hot air. But not this guy. All this guy needed was one look and it was go-time. I liked that.

    The film itself was shot pretty well, had above average acting, and had a decent amount of violence as well. It also had some dark humor for some of you who can actually pick up on that stuff. The only true drawback is the pace of the movie. It's pretty slow. And with average writing, the movie tends to feel even slower.

    Flaenset is a fine 80 mins to blow if you're into violent horror flicks. With a pair of big jiggly boobs, a good amount of red stuff and some silly situations, it's not that bad at all.
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    • Author: MegaStar
    To give you a short briefing. A guy comes home and find his wife in bed with another man. Instead of breaking the two lovebirds apart, he runs away. In the runaway he's picking up this young female hitchhiker. The police gets involved, at then he snaps. Holding the female hitchhiker as a hostage, he gets back to his wife. He's now rapeping, killing or boiling whatever comes in his way.

    Some of our fine Danish actors are in this movie in Thomas Bo Larsen and Jens Okking. But there's nothing working in this movie. The script, the plot or the actors.

    It's seems to be an excuse to make some horror c r a p with a lot of violence and very pure special effects. You don't miss anything by not watching this movie.

    This is an attempt to make a horror comedy, like "Bad Taste" and others of the Peter Jacksons early works.

    Lets get over it, and try the Danish horror thriller "Nattevagten". Reproduced as "Nightwatch".

    The worst Danish movie ever…..
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    • Author: Thiama
    We open up on a car engine that doesn't start. Then cut to an adulterous affair in progress. The engine belongs to the husband of the wife who cheating on him and he's on his way home. This motif continues and the tension is outstanding. It's a great device. The husband seems like a nice guy, very plain but kind looking. He ends up walking home since the engine finally dies and watches his wife having sex through the window. And bad mouthing him as a wimp. He snaps. He hides out in the back seat of the lover's car. The lover drives away.

    It's all set up so nicely, you don't really question the logic of the husband killing the lover as he stops to pick up a hitchhiker. Naturally, the husband as to catch the hitchhiker, which he does, and drives everyone to his home. I don't want to get into specifics, but it's a great scene. The husband plays it perfectly.

    Then it all goes to hell.

    He decides to rape the hitchhiker...who ends up loving it. NO. WRONG. Rape is never enjoyed by the one getting raped. Ever. Period. End of story.

    But it gets dumber.

    Two cops stop by the side of the road to look at the car that died. They drive to the husband's house. One cop walks into the house. He doesn't knock. He doesn't call out. He *literally* sneaks around the house like a burglar. He comes across a bloody scene...and keeps on looking around the He finds the hitchhiker in the shower...getting ready to masturbate. Because, ya know, that's what women do after they've been raped SO GOOD.

    Oh. It's not stupid enough? Ok. The cop, still being quiet as a mouse, starts to take off his jacket looking as if he's going to (you guessed it) rape the hitchhiker.

    What happens after that? It descends into more ridiculous fantasy ending with the hitchhiker know *exactly* what's wrong with the car and having the part to repair it in her coat pocket. Then she drives off.

    What the hell happened here? It went from gripping psychological slasher film to a complete and utter disaster. There's no allegory here. There's no good reason for any of it to happen. He just ran out of plot and started making stuff up.

    It's incredibly disappointing.
  • Cast overview:
    Thomas Bo Larsen Thomas Bo Larsen - Jan
    Josephine Akvama Josephine Akvama - Pigen
    Michael Brendstrup Michael Brendstrup - Elskeren
    Tusnelda Frellesvig Tusnelda Frellesvig - Konen
    Lars Mikkelsen Lars Mikkelsen - Tynde betjent
    Jens Okking Jens Okking - Tykke betjent
    Bjørn Vidø Bjørn Vidø - Politiradio #1 (voice)
    Mikael Fleron Mikael Fleron - Politiradio #2 (voice)
    Michael Carøe Michael Carøe - 'Stemme' Elskeren (voice)
    Ellen Hillingsø Ellen Hillingsø - 'Stemme' Konen (voice) (as Ellen Hellingsø)
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