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    • Author: Dondallon
    Inspector Lewis and DI Hathaway (Kevin Whateley and Laurence Fox) look into "The Soul of Genius" in this 2012 mystery.

    When a botanist finds the corpse of Murray Hawes, Lewis and Hathaway get to work trying to find out who killed him. Hawes was obsessed with the Lewis Carroll poem The Hunting of the Snark and spent his time trying to figure out the identity of the Snark. He's so obsessed that he slapped down 200,000 pounds for an original copy. Question 1, where did he get the money? Is he blackmailing someone? Then we have an amateur detective, Michelle Marber, who thinks a Dr. Alex Falconer is somehow involved. Though warned off the case, she persists.

    The story goes on from there, and it's a complicated but satisfying one. What is the Wednesday Society with its black notations with white print? "You have been noticed." "You are being considered" etc. What is Falconer up to? Another murder, adultery, what Mrs. Marber has to say -- there seems to be no end to the depths the detectives uncover.

    Fascinating and poignant, this is an excellent debut for season six, with Whately and Fox in top form.
  • Episode credited cast:
    Alan Cumming Alan Cumming - Himself - Host
    Kemi-Bo Jacobs Kemi-Bo Jacobs - WPC Julie Lockhart
    Kevin Whately Kevin Whately - inspector Lewis
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