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In the dying days of the Old West, ex-outlaw Handsome Harry Holland is released from prison an old man. Barely recognizable, he heads to Bell City where he only interests children amazed at his gun handling skills. Holland goes for a drink at the saloon where four men are playing cards. One of them , Reggie Bell, is the no good son of the town boss. Reggie is cheating at poker as usual but no one dares speak. Holland joins the game and wins all of Reggie's money who gives an IOU to Holland. Holland tries to cash the IOU at the bank but the corrupt sheriff orders him out of town, at Reggie's orders. Undeterred, Holland forces the bank teller to honor Reggie's IOU but the sheriff prevents him from leaving town with the money. The sheriff draws on Holland who kills him in self-defense. Wounded by the deputies, Holland runs in the local hotel. A stand-off ensues, with Holland stuck in the hotel and the deputies unable to get him. Holland refuses to surrender to a fair trial. In his room, ...

James Coburn took over from an ailing Burt Lancaster

A TV movie made for the HBO network.

Kirk Douglas' last western film.

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    • Author: Purebinder
    I fist saw this movie sometime in the mid-eighties back in Saudi, channel 3, although, any nudity was edited out. It left a solid impression on me, particularly some of the quotes by Kirk D. and James C., and the way that rich punk Reggie talked pouring alcohol on the floor "go ahead lick it up, ain't nobody but us watch'in and we don't give a sh*t", to a drunk James C., who replies with a cool deep voice "you piss'in me off Reggie". Also James C.'s shoot out scene with some spanish bandit...spanish dude "senor we are six people with two horsees, and you are 2 peoples with 3 horsees , we would only like to borrow one of your horsees" ...Sherif replies "Go to hell." The Movie is well worth a view, I'd give it a *** out of ****.
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    • Author: Uttegirazu
    In this cute western, Kirk Douglas plays an ex-con recently released from prison. He tries to start over in a small town, but once the townspeople recognize him, they try to run him out of town. Early on, he gets shot, and no one lifts a finger to help him. It's actually a pretty sad scene, but keep watching, because it gets much better! He holes himself up in an old hotel and takes the beautiful Alexandra Bastedo hostage-but she doesn't really mind. . .

    I couldn't understand why one of the running gags in the movie was making cracks about Kirk Douglas's age; this was not a "old guys still got it" role. He shoots at bad guys, hops around in action scenes, struts around in his underwear, and has a sex scene! And he looked just fine to me. In fact, one of my favorite scenes in the movie is one of his dialogues with Alexandra Bastedo. They're in a bedroom, and after some seductive banter, he unbuttons his pants and walks slowly across the room to her. Finally, he breaks the silence by sticking his middle finger through a hole in his pants and asking, "Can you sew?" Too funny! What more could a girl want?

    Draw! was an unexpected treat when I rented it; I found it much more enjoyable than the average western. It's funny, charming, suspenseful, and romantic. A great choice for your next movie night, for fans and non-fans of the western genre. For a fun double feature, rent Dirty Dingus Magee as well!
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    • Author: Twentyfirstfinger
    Imagine Kirk Douglas's character of Lomax from The War Wagon years later presumably after he'd spent that much reduced share from that robbery and you've got Handsome Harry Holland. Kirk is still a charmer, but now is just a bit tired of putting up with some of the people he has to deal with.

    Case in point where he wins a hand at poker where the sniveling son of the town's richest man, Derek McGrath, acts like a real sore loser. His crybaby attitude sets in motion the whole plot where Douglas who only wants to cash McGrath's IOU at the bank winds up killing the sheriff who drew on him. Douglas is shot in the leg also in the same fracas and traveling actress Alexandra Bastedo takes him up to her room.

    With McGrath stirring up the populace and Douglas's reputation the only thing to do is send for feared lawman James Coburn who's dealt with Douglas in the old days. Coburn who is now a sodden alcoholic does sober up for the occasion and of course finds he has more in common with Douglas than the 'law and order' citizens of the town.

    Those old pros Douglas and Coburn are the main reason to see Draw!. That and the considerable feminine charms of Alexandra Bastedo who really does make the best of being held 'hostage' by Douglas in her room.
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    • Author: DABY
    Kirk Douglas plays an old outlaw named "Harry Hollande" who has seen better days and just wants to be left alone. When he drifts into a town named Bell City and wins some money at a poker game things turn south for him very quickly. He finds himself forced into a gunfight and kills the sheriff in self-defense. Being wounded himself and knowing he will not get a fair trial, he then decides to take an attractive woman named "Bess" (Alexandra Bastedo) hostage in her hotel room in order gain time to plan his escape. Fearing his fast draw the deputy rides a short distance to Mexico and retrieves a famous ex-sheriff named "Sam Starret" (James Coburn). Unknown to everybody else, Sam Starret is a complete alcoholic who can barely stand up on his own. At any rate, rather than spoil what is essentially a good comedy I will refrain from discussing what happens next. I would like to say however that James Coburn puts on a really great performance and in my opinion steals the show. Other decent performances were done by Kirk Douglas and Alexandra Bastedo. On the minus side though was the showing of the naked buttocks of Kirk Douglas which was totally unnecessary for this film along with some of the crude language used. While I certainly wasn't offended by any of it I just didn't think it was necessary or essential. Be that as it may, this was an enjoyable western-comedy and I think most people will probably get a few laughs at the very least.
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    • Author: Mr.jeka
    I recall watching this western on HBO in the mid 1980's. Kirk Douglas and James Coburn are likable as an old outlaw and former peacekeeper. This was an entertaining western from the 1980's. No, it's not a classic western, and despite the horrific acting by Derek McGrath as Reggie (and whoever played the mayor) it was fun nonetheless.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Kirk Douglas Kirk Douglas - Harry H. Holland aka Handsome Harry Holland
    James Coburn James Coburn - Sam Starret
    Alexandra Bastedo Alexandra Bastedo - Bess, Harry's Girlfriend in Bell City / member of acting troupe
    Graham Jarvis Graham Jarvis - Deputy Wally Blodgett
    Derek McGrath Derek McGrath - Reggie Bell
    Jason Michas Jason Michas - Moses, young town boy
    Len Birman Len Birman - Ephraim
    Maurice Brand Maurice Brand - Mr. Gibson
    Graham McPherson Graham McPherson - Eugene Lippert, Editor Bell City Gazette
    Vladimír Valenta Vladimír Valenta - Mordecai Hurwitz, General Store
    Linda Sorensen Linda Sorensen - Teresa
    Gerard Parkes Gerard Parkes - Circuit Judge Fawcett
    Richard Donat Richard Donat - Sheriff Harmon
    Frank Adamson Frank Adamson - Lenny, Bartender Bell's Saloon
    Stuart Gillard Stuart Gillard - Doctor West
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