» » Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters (1949)

Short summary

With Maggie laid low with sneezing fits, Jiggs spends his time listening to radio trivia contests. Maggie, an inveterate social climber, wants to join the prestigious Northchester Hunt Club, and sends them a check for the $38,000 membership fee. When Jiggs finds out, he manages--after a struggle with Maggie--to take care of the check. Consoling himself at his favorite bar, he's convinced by his drinking buddies that the way to make up with Maggie is to buy her a racehorse that is coming up for auction. He does, only to discover that a doctor has told Maggie that her sneezing fits are due to a rare allergy she has--to horses. Complications ensue.

Shot in eight days.

Cast overview:
Joe Yule Joe Yule - Jiggs
Renie Riano Renie Riano - Maggie Jiggs
George McManus George McManus - George McManus
Tim Ryan Tim Ryan - Dinty Moore
Pat Goldin Pat Goldin - Dugan
June Harrison June Harrison - Nora
Sam Hayes Sam Hayes - Race Announcer
Joe Hernandez Joe Hernandez - Race Announcer
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