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As the Earth's average temperature rises each year, experts warn that we are nearing a fatal tipping point, 2 degrees Celsius above the norm, that will set into motion a cascade of natural disasters that will devastate America and the world. From raging fires to epic superstorms, volcanic blasts and rising seas, will human existence be pushed to the brink?

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    • Author: Dynen
    Global warming has been a problem for Planet Earth for a long, long time and it's increasingly becoming a threat for us in more recent eras. Two Degrees takes a look at the possible future for us if we don't try our best to stop global warming.

    Before watching this, do your research, or research after watching it. It's important to note that the research behind this programme is not 100% confirmed throughout the whole of science, and some scientists have completely knocked the research down. There is a chance the research shown has been tampered with. Of course, for a science show, it has been shown as scientific fact, but it is imperative you remember this is only a possibility.

    I think this show was really well done. The research was done through the research that was shown on screen, and the effects these have on the Earth. Each scenario shown for the earth heating up, is shown to be scientifically true, and so, something that could possible to be a problem in the future. Each scenario is shown with poor CGI, of course, the show is only on History Channel, there isn't a large budget for this, but with care. It is shown how to survive the situations, what you can do in order to survive each scenario, and supports research from apocalypse preppers and also scientists.

    Although not 100% scientifically accurate due to the possibility of the research not being correct, and having a possibility of being tampered with, this is a well done show, that really shows the horror that Planet Earth could be heading towards. It's worth a watch, just to see what could happen in the future. Definitely a good watch for people with an interest in the Earth and what could happen.
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    • Author: Budar
    I've watched this twice to try to glean anything more from it than rambling generalizations, apocalyptic visions based on worst case scenarios and outright fear tactics. Number one, The History Channel has devolved into anything BUT history. It's become another "reality show" and science fiction channel that produces such gems as "Ancient Aliens", "Pawn Stars", "Nostradamus Effect", "Ice Road Truckers", "Counting Cars", "American Pickers" (which is actually a decent show), "America Unearthed" and other series' that have nothing to do with history or are in any way educational. This particular 2 hour piece mixes science fiction with a few scant facts based on scenarios that are, AT BEST, pseudo-scientific nonsense. It's a scaremonger's dream dealing with a VERY unlikely future, using the same old tired and incorrect "anthropomorphic global warming" temperature data sets...the same data that is continually being discredited because it's been tampered with. It should not come as a surprise that this is being presented as a "likely" scenario and as scientific fact. Indeed it is nothing more than a carefully disguised "disaster movie". It is simply pablum for many of the uninformed and frightened masses.
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