» » The Land Before Time The Missing Fast-Water Adventure (2007– )

Short summary

When Littlefoot and the other kids try to find out why the fast-water stopped flowing, they run into their old friend Mo! Littlefoot, Mo and the other kids work together to get the water flowing again. Chomper puts Cera in her place when he proves that his little arms aren't just okay, they're good enough to save the day!

Episode credited cast:
Cody Arens Cody Arens - Littlefoot (voice)
Jeff Bennett Jeff Bennett - Petrie (voice)
Max Burkholder Max Burkholder - Chomper (voice)
Aria Noelle Curzon Aria Noelle Curzon - Ducky (voice)
John Ingle John Ingle - Topsy (voice)
Kenneth Mars Kenneth Mars - Grandpa Longneck
Anndi McAfee Anndi McAfee - Cera (voice)
Rob Paulsen Rob Paulsen - Spike / Mo (voice)
Anthony Skillman Anthony Skillman - Littlefoot (singing voice)
Meghan Strange Meghan Strange - Ruby (voice)
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