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Hot models show off sexy lingerie for Victoria's Secret.

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    • Author: Brightfury
    This is easily the best show in recent years! (Yes, I'm STILL hating the fact that they use crew radio chatter as voice-over. At this point I have to assume there is a crazy person somewhere with lots of influence who thinks it is a good idea and everyone is too scared to speak up. Oh well.) The music was great. All high energy and fast moving, and there were models on the runway for all of it! I have to give major props to Taylor. She blended very well with the models and I have to say I feel a little odd for some reason saying this, but I think she actually could get away with being a runway model. None of the prior female artists on the show made me think that, so a compliment to her I say.

    Camera work this year was a GREAT improvement! When the models reached the end of the runway, the camera seemed to lovingly caress them like they have always deserved but have never received until now. No more of those super fast cuts to make you dizzy and lose track of what you are watching. There was the PERFECT amount of soft focus and slow-motion. They used it sparingly and made it special.

    The Paris mini-feature/commercial in the middle of the show was impressive. Well done.

    Glad to see Karlie Kloss made Angel. Her penetrating eyes and the way her teeth look when she smiles makes my heart sick. Easily the most interesting looking model of the bunch this year.

    My jaw was on the floor during the entire final segment, "Snow Angels." We have Taylor looking like a hot/curvy human disco ball, ridiculously-hot Karlie in a body stocking, snow flakes and Bahati's feathers flying around, Taylor and models walking hand in hand down the runway...dare I say orgasmic?? If my wife reads this I'm in the doghouse for a year!
  • Credited cast:
    Sigrid Agren Sigrid Agren - Herself
    Lily Aldridge Lily Aldridge - Herself
    Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio - Herself - Model (as Alessandra)
    Ian Axel Ian Axel - Himself - Performer
    Maria Borges Maria Borges - Herself
    Cindy Bruna Cindy Bruna - Herself
    Shereen Cutkelvin Shereen Cutkelvin - Herself - Performer
    Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne - Herself
    Lily Donaldson Lily Donaldson - Herself
    Jourdan Dunn Jourdan Dunn - Herself
    Lindsay Ellingson Lindsay Ellingson - Herself
    Fall Out Boy Fall Out Boy - Themselves - Special Guest
    Barbara Fialho Barbara Fialho - Herself
    Malaika Firth Malaika Firth - Herself
    Magdalena Frackowiak Magdalena Frackowiak - Herself
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