» » Julenissens fall (2018)

Short summary

Santa Claus whole existence is dependent on a little boy's faith. Christmas is supposed to be a magical time, but instead it's dire times for Santa Claus. His whole existence is fading, because the children have stopped believing in him. But there is one little boy called Vetle, that still believes, but for how long? An imaginative boy called Vetle, lives in a world where Santa Claus really exist, and that he lives at the North Pole. This is at least what Vetle himself believes in. Unfortunately Vetle is the only one in the world who still believes that Santa Claus is real. This is obviously bad news for Santa Claus, who has begun to realize his fading position. He has been forced to lay off all his staff due to the lack of submitted wish lists and hence lack of assignments. Actually there's only one gift he has to deliver, namely, the one for Vetle. The clock is ticking; Santa Claus needs to find Vetle before his view is tainted by the grown-ups opinion over the reality of Santa ...

Credited cast:
Jonathan Gebuhr Jonathan Gebuhr - Vetle - The Son
Tone Merete Aas Skålevik Tone Merete Aas Skålevik - The Mother
Fridtjov Såheim Fridtjov Såheim - Eirik - The Father
Jan Sælid Jan Sælid - Santa Claus
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