» » Inspektor Wexford ermittelt The Best Man to Die: Part Two (1987–2000)

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    • Author: elektron
    Wexford continues to snap and shout as his wife's in hospital, and the case seems to become more and more complicated. As Dora battles in Hospital, George Baker's own wife had apparently suffered with an illness, tough on Baker to have done a story such as this.

    I really did enjoy this one, it's clever, intriguing, and very well acted. Tony Haygarth is very good, not often you see him play a meak character. Diane Keen is a delight as Mike's new wife, and he of course is straight laced and puritanical.

    It's leisurely paced, but enjoyable.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    George Baker George Baker - Det. Chief Insp. Wexford
    Christopher Ravenscroft Christopher Ravenscroft - Det. Insp. Burden
    Tony Haygarth Tony Haygarth - Maurice Cullam
    John Vine John Vine - Dr. Crane
    John Burgess John Burgess - Dr. Crocker
    Clara Salaman Clara Salaman - Nurse Rose
    Barbara Leigh-Hunt Barbara Leigh-Hunt - Mrs. Fanshawe
    Julia Ormond Julia Ormond - Nora Fanshawe
    Ken Kitson Ken Kitson - Det. Sgt. Martin
    Louie Ramsay Louie Ramsay - Dora Wexford
    Deborah Poplett Deborah Poplett - Sheila Wexford
    Diane Keen Diane Keen - Jenny Burden
    David Michaels David Michaels - Policeman
    Nina Marc Nina Marc - Nurse Lewis
    Shirin Taylor Shirin Taylor - Lilian Hatton
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