» » In Our Backyard Table Talk (2016– )

Short summary

The Mayor of Trewick and it's residents are growing concerned about the recent surge in crime involving drugs. Fingers are pointed to the neighboring inner-city of Bethel. Meanwhile, the most dangerous drug of them all is being distributed from within the neighborhood.

Episode cast overview:
Arthur Gregory Pugh Arthur Gregory Pugh - Detective December
Dina Massery Dina Massery - Detective Smith
Erich Rausch Erich Rausch - Simms
Damion J. Williams Damion J. Williams - Pum
Tony Del Bono Tony Del Bono - Sgt. Banks
Rudy Bamenga Rudy Bamenga - Dre
Joe E. Evans Joe E. Evans - Sgt. Korver
Ugo Chukwu Ugo Chukwu - Malik
Gary Comorau Gary Comorau - Mayor Shepard
Laurie Folkes Laurie Folkes - Bill Ewing
Sheleah Harris Sheleah Harris - Shanelle
Robin Diakhate Robin Diakhate - Mama Ewing
Yuko Torihara Yuko Torihara - Asami Nishio
Peter Gonzalez Peter Gonzalez - Prof. Lewis
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