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    • Author: caster
    It's amazing how some filmmakers accomplish so much with so little. The rest of the world may not be aware of the little support filmmakers in Australia have from the government even though it is an amazingly rich country. But thankfully the truly passionate filmmakers keep up with their work and no matter how hard it is make an entire film on a very small budget, they put all their love and life into it and they make miracles happen. The Elixir tells a beautiful story of a journey that many of us have been through, or could have been through, or may someday be through. Congratulations for the director and producers for bringing together such a brilliant Australian cast and bringing to life this beautiful film.
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    • Author: Nettale
    Yet another god-awful piece of debris in the wasteland of credit card features littering the Australian cinematic landscape.

    Obviously made with little money and even less talent, direct to DVD would be too good for this ill-advised exercise in banality.

    Featuring soap-opera performances, shoddy direction and corporate video cinematography, the only good thing that could be said about this film is that at 82 minutes, it's over quicker than most feature films.

    Tiriel Mora, an otherwise excellent actor, wanders gamely through his scenes, presumably trying not to laugh in the face of implausible plot turns, sub-infomercial dialogue and the kind of acting that would embarrass a pre-school pantomime audience.

    AVOID this film, at all costs...
  • Credited cast:
    Laurie Foell Laurie Foell - Julia Woodland (as Laurie Foel)
    Rhett Giles Rhett Giles - Peter Collins
    Tiriel Mora Tiriel Mora - George Giddeon
    Paul Parker Paul Parker - Court Bailiff
    Henri Szeps Henri Szeps - Bob Sommerville
    Fred Talib Fred Talib - Danny Parsons
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