» » Yugamseureoyun doshi (2009)

Short summary

Choong-dong, a traffic officer who aspires to be a homicide detective, is recognized for his straight and honest nature and recruited into a case targeting gang leader Gwang-seop. Before long, he goes undercover as a member of Gwang-seop's gang. Meanwhile, Joong-dae, goes undercover in homicide to protect his boss Gwang-seop because he is the only member of the gang who graduated from university. His quick wits put Joong-dae on the Chief's good side and also close to Se-rin in the secret investigations department. He falls in love with her. Joong-dae tries hard to get in on every important case and win the trust of Caotian Park and Chief Chun as he seeks the identity of the undercover in Gwang-seop s gang.

Credited cast:
Jun-ho Jeong Jun-ho Jeong - Jang Choong-dong
Woong-in Jeong Woong-in Jeong - Lee Joong-dae
Woon-taek Jeong Woon-taek Jeong - Moon Dong-sik
Go Eun Han Go Eun Han - Cha Se-rin
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Seonwoo Jae-Deok Seonwoo Jae-Deok - Park Jong-ki (as Sunwoo Jea Duck)
Seong-pil Kang Seong-pil Kang - Yang Pal-eeh
Hong-sik Kim Hong-sik Kim - President Choi
In-seong Lee In-seong Lee - Min-seong
Soo-ho Lee Soo-ho Lee - Detective #1
Yong-gi Park Yong-gi Park - Bureau director Cheon Seong-ki
Woong-jae Won Woong-jae Won - Tae-soo
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