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    Return to Jurassic Park: Something Survived (2011)

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    The second of a two-part series taking a look at the making of THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK. Director Steven Spielberg is on hand to talk about why he wanted to make a sequel but why he needed a break after filming JURASSIC PARK and SCHINDLER'S LIST back-to-back. From here we talk about the lack of CGI in the first film and why they had to use so much more of it for the sequel. Also discussed are the various sound effects that were used in the film and the various things they had to record in order to get the best effect. Spielberg also touches on why he believes this was the first sequel that he ever directed. Fans of THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK will certainly enjoy hearing the stories as well as seeing all the behind-the-scenes stuff. Fans will certainly like hearing Spielberg talk about why the Indiana Jones movies weren't sequels and why he doesn't think THE LOST WORLD was quite as good as the first one.
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