» » Outrageous Fortune Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, Sons (2005– )

Short summary

The Wests are gathered by Cheryl, who informs them of Wolf's affair with Anne-Marie Gibbs and the result - Brandon. It turns out that being a half brother to Jethro, Van, Pascalle and Loretta, the news is both laughable for some, and quite sad for others. Apparently, Pascalle rooted Brandon. Cheryl hopes that the showing of Loretta's short film at school will cheer everyone up. Loretta is very nervous, because it's not her film, it's Jools. The big night comes and hell is unleashed, when the Wests witness a story about a girl being sexually molested by an older male. Loretta tries to explain it's all made up, but Kasey fuels Cheryl's suspicions over Eric's constant present in the Wests' home. Judd pays a visit to Anne-Marie to search for Wolf. But he runs into Brandon and tells him who his real father is. Dr Khan discovers the reason for Ted's weird behavior. Ted has a brain tumor, but operable. At the day of the operation, Hayden decides it's time for him and Loretta to go public and...

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Robyn Malcolm Robyn Malcolm - Cheryl West
Grant Bowler Grant Bowler - Wolfgang West
Antony Starr Antony Starr - Jethro West / Van West
Siobhan Marshall Siobhan Marshall - Pascalle West
Antonia Prebble Antonia Prebble - Loretta West
Frank Whitten Frank Whitten - 'Grandpa' Ted West
Brian Sergent Brian Sergent - Eric
Claire Chitham Claire Chitham - Aurora
Kirk Torrance Kirk Torrance - Detective Sergeant Wayne Judd
Shane Cortese Shane Cortese - Hayden Peters
Holly Shanahan Holly Shanahan - Jools
Jacob Rajan Jacob Rajan - Dr. Bruce Khan
Beryl Te Wiata Beryl Te Wiata - Mrs McGill
Nicole Whippy Nicole Whippy - Kasey
Rachel Nash Rachel Nash - Anne-Marie
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