» » Roll Out Sweet Millions (1973–1974)

Short summary

Sweet happens on a bag of cash stashed in a tree and claims it under finders keepers. Sweet starts throwing cash around trying to act a big shot which gets back to the wrong people.

Episode cast overview:
Stu Gilliam Stu Gilliam - Cpl. 'Sweet' Williams
Hilly Hicks Hilly Hicks - Pfc. Jed Brooks
Mel Stewart Mel Stewart - Sgt. B.J. Bryant
Val Bisoglio Val Bisoglio - Capt. Rocco Calvelli
Ed Begley Jr. Ed Begley Jr. - Lt. Robert W. Chapman
Garrett Morris Garrett Morris - Wheels
Teddy Wilson Teddy Wilson - High Strung
Penny Santon Penny Santon - Madam Delacort
Darrow Igus Darrow Igus - Jersey
Sam Laws Sam Laws - Sgt. Grease
Lew Brown Lew Brown - Maj. Wilton
Rod Gist Rod Gist - Phone Booth
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