» » Dónde está Elisa?

Short summary

Raimundo Domínguez, a renowned businessman, was celebrating his birthday with his wife, daughters, and other family members when a terrible incident changes their lives forever. The celebration becomes a tragedy when his eldest daughter disappears. According to the police report, Elisa went to a party with her cousins at a nightclub in the area where she was last seen. The disappearance of this teenager will become a crisis for the Dominguez family. On one hand, many family secrets will be revealed, while in the other hand the paranoia and reproaches of others will emerge. The police investigation unit will develop a long list of suspects that will include schoolmates, Raimundo's ex employees, and even her own uncles, cousins, and parents. A story filled with mystery and suspense, as only one of them knows where is Elisa...

First trailers and teasers featured a younger Elisa, based in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, but it was later regarded as insensitive.

Series cast summary:
Francisco Melo Francisco Melo - Raimundo Domínguez 111 episodes, 2009
Paola Volpato Paola Volpato - Consuelo Domínguez 111 episodes, 2009
Álvaro Rudolphy Álvaro Rudolphy - Comisario Camilo Rivas 110 episodes, 2009
Sigrid Alegría Sigrid Alegría - Francisca Correa 105 episodes, 2009
Francisco Reyes Francisco Reyes - Bruno Alberti 104 episodes, 2009
Francisca Imboden Francisca Imboden - Olivia Domínguez 104 episodes, 2009
Álvaro Morales Álvaro Morales - Ignacio Cousiño 101 episodes, 2009
César Caillet César Caillet - Javier Goyeneche 92 episodes, 2009
Alejandra Fosalba Alejandra Fosalba - Det. Pamela Portugal 90 episodes, 2009
Andrés Velasco Andrés Velasco - Nicólas 'Pelao' Errázuriz 79 episodes, 2009
Nicolás Pérez Nicolás Pérez - Gaspar Alberti 64 episodes, 2009
Paulette Sève Paulette Sève - Florencia Alberti 61 episodes, 2009
Patricia López Patricia López - Fiscal Castañeda 58 episodes, 2009
Christian Sève Christian Sève - Sebastián Cousiño 55 episodes, 2009
Juan José Gurruchaga Juan José Gurruchaga - Det. Esteban Briceño 48 episodes, 2009
Bárbara Ruiz Tagle Bárbara Ruiz Tagle - Juanita Ovalle 46 episodes, 2009
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