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Lindsey and Geena spend some time together by the pool while their husbands play golf. After talking about their fantasies they begin to enact a few of them for each other. Soon they incorporate Lindsey's husband Joe into their intimate games. When straight-laced Brad finds out what his wife and friends have been doing he blows up, threatening their marriages and friendships.

It was reported that Monique Parent claimed in an interview that she and Jennifer Burton both actually masturbated to orgasm in the masturbation scene. This is an urban myth - Monique Parent never made any such claim.

The Playmate displayed on the television, when Brad tells his story, is that of Candy Loving, Playboy's Playmate of the year for 1979. If Brad were 18 in 1979, and current day for the movie is 1994, this would make Brad about 33 years old at the time of the movie.

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    • Author: Tholmeena
    This is one of the best done low budget softcore movies ever. The scenes between the two main characters are electrically charged and reminiscent of Penthouse Forum Letters! They go just as far as they need without being vulgar. Camera work is pretty good, nice angles, good lighting, etc. Editing was decent as well, no jump cuts, visible set equipment and continuity was good. In a day when more is better, this leaves something to the imagination while building the sexual tension to a bursting point. The actors are old hat now and have many many b-movies to their credit but this one one of the first for them and the are still fresh.This movie is a must have, I wish they would re-release it on DVD.
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    • Author: Lanin
    Definitely one of the better soft-core titles of recent years. The filmmakers avoid the (almost universally indulged in these days) temptation to feature huge, unnatural mounds of silicone. The two main actresses, Monique Parent and Jennifer Burton are beautiful, yet real, not obvious strippers masquerading as actresses. They can actually act, too. If you like films which are erotic, yet not pornographic, check this one out. Grade: A
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    • Author: Ionzar
    This might very well be the best softie film of the 90's and on par with the fabulous Emmanuelle. The movie involves two young women who are probably part of a DINK couple (Double Income, No Kids). One of them indulges the other in her sexual fantasies, and slowly but surely, everyone else in their inner circle gets involved, meaning fun for the viewer is in the offing.

    Jennifer Burton and Monique Parent steam the screen with raw sensuality, whether the "philosophical discussion" is man/woman, woman/woman, or threesome and more. These two natural beauties deliver knockout performances without talking (both of them are good actors, sadly, I saw the film dubbed in French but I have to get the DVD). While Parent is one hell of a looker, she can't compare with Burton, who looked like she was at her best throughout the filming. She blew me away throughout the whole film with her stunning beauty, passion and aura. I can't recall how many scenes where she portrayed the ultimate in what a woman should look like. Oh, if all women could look like her...

    All I can say is that this movie is a must-see and that during the filming of Play Time, the most beautiful woman in the world at that time was Jennifer Leigh Burton. Check it out!
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    • Author: Vikus
    This is a very good soft porn movie. Monique Parent and Jennifer Burton have several good scenes both together and with partners and the cameo flashback at the end is great. If your renting for lots of sex in a romantic, erotic setting don't miss this one . This is one that my wife and I both agree is one to see.
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    • Author: The_NiGGa
    Not a masterpiece, this movie is quite entertaining and funny with acceptable performances from the actors and actresses. But, as is usual with movies of this genere, with a script that is nothing more than an excuse for the quite good sex scenes. Low production values (It's a low budget direct to video release afterall). Nice tempo and photography. And of course beautiful women. If you're looking for some entertaining non hardcore erotic movie I certainly recommend this one.
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    • Author: Bad Sunny
    Director Dale Trevillion has created a gem in Play Time.

    Starring Jennifer Burton who has also been in other classic erotica flicks, Illicit Dreams 2 1997 and I Like to Play Games 1995.

    Also starring Monique Parent who has also been in another classic erotica flick, Close Enough to Touch 2002.

    I enjoyed the sex scenes.

    If you enjoyed this as much as I did then check out other classic erotica flicks, Animal Instincts 1992. Animal Instincts II 1994, Mirror Images 2 1993, Corporate Fantasy 1999, The Corporate Ladder 1997, Dangerous Invitations 2002, Friend of the Family 2 1996, Girl for Girl 2001, Hollywood Sex Fantasy 2001, Hollywood Sins 2000, Hollywood's Hidden Lives 2001, I Like to Play Games Too 1999, Personels II: 2001, Price of Desire 1997, Scorned 1993, The Seduction of Misty Mundae 2004, Body & Soul 2003, Staying on Top 2002, Stolen Sex Tapes 2002, Stripteaser 1995, House of Love 2000 and Web of Seduction 1999.
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    • Author: Silverbrew
    Play Time is very good for what it is, a direct-to-video, erotic, B-movie. This one of those movies you rent or watch on television to see beautiful, naked women. Play Time does not disappoint. It provides some of the steamiest and most erotic scenes that I have ever seen. Monique Parent and Jennifer Burton look great in this movie.
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    • Author: Sudert
    Play Time is one of those movies that you don't rent for its deep interesting plot. You rent this because you want to see gorgeous women taking it all off, and this movie delivers the goods. The basic plot is two couples go away on vacation and the two women experiment with consensual voyeurism. One thing leads to another and they end up liking it alot and want to get their husbands in on the game. They end up trading partners which of course ends up in a fight but at the end of course is resolved. But thats not why you watch this movie. You watch this movie to see Monique Parent and a very erotic and sexy Jennifer Leigh Burton get it on with each other, and then with their husbands. This movie has some of the hottest softcore sex scenes money can buy, and is guranteed to be an instant favorite for anyone with interest in this type of movie.

    Be sure to check out the hot tub scene. It is the hottest minute and a half of softcore sex on video!
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    • Author: Saithinin
    Jennifer Burton and Monique Parent star in this incredibly erotic and sexy movie about 2 couples who go on vacation and experiment in consensual voyeurism. The two actresses put on very good performances and the two experimental women. Their sex scenes are so hot and steamy they are guaranteed to arouse anyone with a pulse. It is erotica at its finest. If great sex scenes are what you are looking for than this is the movie for you.
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    • Author: Ventelone
    This review contains spoilers.

    It took me a while to track down a copy of this little out of print softcore title. But it was worth the wait. Although it didn't completely live up to all the hype, it definitely wasn't a disappointment.

    The positives.

    This video understands that eroticism is about more than just showing naked people going at it. Some real thought went into setting up the situations for the sex scenes. There is a common theme of voyeurism, exhibitionism, and forbidden fantasies throughout:

    Monique Parent masturbating while listening to Jennifer Burton have sex with her husband in the next room.

    Monique and Jennifer masturbating for each other in the poolhouse.

    Monique and Jennifer masturbating for each other at work, and then kissing each other afterwards to try and figure out if they are lesbians.

    Monique and Jennifer masturbating (themselves and each other) in a bedroom, while Jennifer's husband secretly watches from the closet.

    Jennifer having sex with her husband's female first cousin, in front of her husband.

    Monique masturbating in a hot tub, while Jennifer and her husband have sex in the same hot tub, right next to her.

    Jennifer masturbating for and then having sex with Monique's husband.

    Monique having sex with Jennifer's husband.

    Monique's husband recounting the time that his stepmom masturbated him, and then brought over a girlfriend to help her do it again.

    The themes in this video are on the naughty side and masturbation (obviously) is prominent. This really makes it unique among most other softcore that's currently available. This video also understands what its audience wants. From the very start, right up to the end credits, it never lets up. There is very little downtime between the sex scenes.

    The negatives:

    As good as the sex scenes were, they could have been better. The women keep their panties on too often and what should have been a full out orgy at the end faded to the credits just as things were getting good. There is no true lesbian scene in this video, and it would have been a great addition.

    The video gets a little "serious" in the middle, and the actors and actresses are laughably bad at pulling off the dialogue in those scenes.

    Overall though, this is still a very memorable softcore video. And the fact that this was all done in 1994 is pretty impressive considering how well it compares to more recent stuff.
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    • Author: Doomredeemer
    Until it loses its way in the last couple of scenes which proved very seedy compared with everything that had gone before, this was an extremely erotic two hours which is definitely one to watch with your partner.

    While making sure the eye-candy is great for the guys - and in Jennifer Burton and Monique Parent we have two of the best, with not a speck of silicone in sight thank goodness - the director makes sure he chose a couple of stars who could actually act too, so the character development was pretty good for a film devoting to offering as many sexy scenes as it could.

    The whole film is seen from the female point of view, with the two married couples being seen to agonise about whether they should push the boundaries on their marriages - there is no way these people would jump into bed with just anyone.

    So this gave Play Time the realism that both men and women can identify with, as well as being predominantly a story of loving and straightforward sex between two sets of happily married, if stuck in a sexual rut, couples.

    The sex scenes are enormously erotic, probably because they are never graphic - a level of eroticism usually only seen in continental soft porn like one of my all-time favourites Emmanuelle.

    Highly recommended.
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    • Author: Malahelm
    "Playtime" ranks right up there with "Dinosaur Island" as a classic low-budget soft-core film. This movie, however, was done in the same vein as the Shannon Whirry/Shannon Tweed movies of the time....soft, hot, and a cookie-cutter plot.

    Jennifer Burton and Monique Parent are two wives who do the stereotypical housewifey things while their husbands are away making mountains of money at their jobs. Monique, however, has a secret pleasure.....when her hubby isn't around to give her the lovin' she needs, she does it herself. This interests Jennifer, and during a day of topless sunbathing, they decide to head inside and try it. What follows is a scene that made my jaw drop.

    Monique, who is now on the couch, begins to masturbate....right there, in blatant view of the camera. Jennifer joins her on the couch and they stare at each other while getting themselves off. You never really see the "details" since their hands are down their bikini bottoms (and I've heard that Monique masturbated for real in that scene, but I'm not completely sure), but it was shocking.

    The rest of the movie falls in line--the husbands come back to find their wives even more sexually liberated, but what they don't know is that they've been spending their free time watching each other play with themselves.

    Both Jenny and Monique are as flat as aluminum siding, but Monique's penchant for making the masturbation scenes seem like she's REALLY doing it--and enjoying it--raise this film's "Sex" grade on her performance alone. Monique makes up for what she doesn't have up top with an overall performance rivaling that of any that I've seen in this genre. In fact, in just about every film I've seen Monique Parent in, there's at least one scene where she masturbates. She's that good at it. Jennifer Burton wasn't so bad herself.

    Unlike other soft-core films, this is usually accepted to be a "couples" movie--a film a person could actually watch with a significant other. I'm not that fond of the "extremely soft"-core film (which "Playtime" definitely is) but this movie is quite good nonetheless.

    Women: B- (Monique and Jennifer are okay, and it's hard to have a movie of this nature with only two principal females)

    Sex: A (a plethora of solo scenes and Monique's "acting", plus a few of the regular variety that aren't too bad)

    Story: C+ (I really didn't understand what the plotline was supposed to accomplish, other than give Jenny and Monique excuses to play with themselves)

    On my 40-40-20 scale, the movie should get a B+, but Monique's intangibles give "Playtime" the benefit of the doubt.
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    • Author: Mpapa
    In the spirit of Dadaism, director Trevillion has created a surrealistic fantasy. The absurdity of a happy marriage is brought forth by having the wives realize they are not the Mistresses of their Domain. Anarchy reigns as our two heroines, whether flying solo or in tandem, journey south of the border and start messing with the danger zone. Old relationships are torn down, new ones built, and old ones restored until they all come together at the climax. Our two plucky leading ladies are played by Eye Candy Hall of Fame inductees Jennifer Burton and All-Century Second team member Monique Parent. Their performances are a stroke of genius from beginning until the end of the film. Excellent cameos by Ashlie Rhey, Julie Strain, and Tammy Parks help flesh out this classic.
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    • Author: Granirad
    Death to the Taliban!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and great movie! Watch this movie with your girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband, Cousin, sister, father, mother, best friend,etc. Hell watch it with everyone! If you post anything bad about this movie, I will emplace Claymores all around your CP. A sniper will be placed in an undisclosed location watching you and your guests. I suggest you pray real hard. Do not attempt to employ any TTP's. My justice is swift and deadly. I kicked Chuck Norris behind several times. Don't mess with me. Remember, great reviews only. I am watching. Now sit down shut up, and watch some great soft porn. Enjoy!
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    • Author: Dangerous
    Monique Parent and Jennifer Burton are at play while the boys are away, doing so through mostly turning each other on by pleasuring themselves and getting naked with each other. Their hubbies are often the beneficiary of getting all hot and bothered. But when Burton eyes Parent's husband, and the two have an affair, the friendly relations get a bit strained. Erotica with numerous scenes of sensual Burton and curious Parent getting naked, touching themselves, and getting cozy with each other. No lesbian scenes, just mostly chatting it up, getting close but not going all the way, only at the end hinting at what was to come but we never get to see it (Argh!). Both ladies are delicious, but Burton heats up the screen while Parent is an eyeful of sexy. Parent in her prime (or even now, really) is reason enough to see this, but the kiss she shares with Burton alone is worth trying to find this somewhere. The guys are your basic white collar types with hot wives. A key masturbation scene in the pool room while the pool guy is outside is scorching. The uninhibited and exhibitionistic nature of Burton is a highlight of the film. Parent becoming influenced by her is the crux of the plot here; it is basically Burton having sex with every member of the cast (again, only getting close enough to Parent to tease us of what we can only picture in our mind and fantasy).
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    • Author: Dagdatus
    These aren't really spoilers as the movie couldn't be more predictable as it's the classic B-movie. When I first saw this movie I was stunned that a B movie could be so hot. The first scene between Jennifer Burton and Monique Parent at the pool has got to be the hottest non-porn scene ever filmed. Both actresses were in the beginning of their careers and looked great, young with fantastic bodies. Whenever I see a copy for sale somewhere I buy it as the production company went out of business and it's no longer in print. The story is a typical guys fantasy movie, co-workers go on vacation together, yada yada yada, by the end of the movie they are trying to come to grips with their life decisions.
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    • Author: Peles
    "Brad" (Craig Stepp) and his wife "Geena" (Monique Parent) are best friends with another married couple by the names of "Joe" (Elliott David) and "Lindsey" (Jennifer Burton). When they decide to go to Palm Springs for a vacation both Geena and Lindsey begin to share sexual secrets which eventually leads to a game of voyeurism with each other. One thing leads to another and soon Joe is invited to watch them. Unfortunately, when Brad finds out things take a definite turn for the worse. Now, those who are expecting a soft-core porn movie will not be disappointed as this particular film has plenty of sex and nudity throughout. However, those who might want more of an in-depth plot or even a basic script might as well stop right here as you won't find it. Of course, this movie isn't supposed to be Shakespeare and I am certain that nobody will mistake it for such. Admittedly, it had a couple of good erotic scenes and I thought that Jennifer Burton was definitely attractive. On the other hand, there were also some pretty silly scenes here and there as well. In short, I have definitely seen better. That said, while I am probably in the minority, I personally found it to be a bit too simple and repetitive and would have preferred a little more substance. I have rated it accordingly.
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    • Author: Rageseeker
    While I found this movie entertaining, reasonably well-acted and more than the routine soft-porn flic, I also thought it had a major flaw. The female leads are not very attractive. This makes the movie somewhat pointless.
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    • Author: Nuadador
    Since for the most part this film features different examples of people pleasuring themselves whilst watching others it will clearly appeal to the solo viewer. It certainly appealed to me. The ladies are a little flat chested and, naturally, the scenes aren't hard enough, but it's not bad. Join in the fun, they really want you to you know!
  • Complete credited cast:
    Jennifer Burton Jennifer Burton - Lindsey
    David Elliott David Elliott - Joe (as Elliott David)
    Monique Parent Monique Parent - Geena
    Craig Stepp Craig Stepp - Brad
    Julie Strain Julie Strain - Sheraton
    Tammy Parks Tammy Parks - Michelle
    Ashlie Rhey Ashlie Rhey - Connie
    Tina Simonsen Tina Simonsen - Receptionist
    Wendy Hamilton Wendy Hamilton - Brad's Secretary
    Robert Lepucki Robert Lepucki - Salesman
    Francis Shanahan Francis Shanahan - Young Brad
    Sani August Sani August - Brad's Father
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