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LeBeau is passed off as a Gypsy fortune teller to help get a radar countermeasure device to London.

Sigrid Valdis' last filmed acting performance.

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    • Author: Jwalextell
    Not much to this episode as we have another supposedly German secret radar detector making its way into camp. Hogan finds out about the detector and of course it must be destroyed. So we are back to where we have been so many times in the past as Hogan has to come up with a plan where they can sabotage the detector without the Germans knowing about it.

    The scheme is that LeBeau has been hit by a lightning bolt and now, due to his gypsy blood, can predict the future. And with Klink being into astrology, LeBeau tells Klink that the Allies are planning a raid on the camp and he should have all his guards at the front gate for the assault. Thus the detector will be unguarded and can easily be set-up for disaster.

    This episode just did not have the excitement that others offer. The plot was rehashed and the situations has been seen many times. The only hope was for the comedy to be improved. But to our chagrin even the comedy was old. Besides Klink's protection against the Allies fireworks, from this forth called the 'Klink's Dipsy Doodle', there really was nothing new to this episode.
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Bob Crane Bob Crane - Col. Hogan
    Werner Klemperer Werner Klemperer - Col. Klink
    John Banner John Banner - Sgt. Schultz
    Robert Clary Robert Clary - LeBeau
    Richard Dawson Richard Dawson - Newkirk
    Larry Hovis Larry Hovis - Carter
    Kenneth Washington Kenneth Washington - Baker
    Sigrid Valdis Sigrid Valdis - Hilda
    Mathias Reitz Mathias Reitz - Captain Gruber (as Mat Reitz)
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