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WAITING AT THE CHURCH was inspired by a 1906 hit song of the same name, which was often sung by a woman dressed in a wedding gown. Porter and McCutcheon turned the song's con artist into an overeager pater familias whose efforts to get married are prevented not just by his wife but a horde of children, who seem familiar with his modus operandi. The discrepancy between the film and and the song was a key to its humor.

Based on the popular song of the same name.

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    Waiting at the Church (1906)

    ** 1/2 (out of 4)

    This Edison film from Edwin S. Porter is based on a hit song from 1906, which according to the Kino DVD was usually sung by a woman wearing a wedding dress. On the DVD lyrics from the song show that the woman basically gets stood up because the man's wife won't allow him out of the house. In this film version the man is trying to get away from the house by his many children end up chasing him into a lake. That's pretty much all that happens in the 7-minute running time and I'm sure this thing went over better with crowds in 1906 since they were more familiar with the song in question. Seeing this thing today makes for some mild entertainment but nothing really jumps off the screen as being particularly good. The film is well shot but the "comedy" just never really comes through unless you find a man falling into a lake to be funny.
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