» » Deadliest Catch Into the Gale (2005– )

Short summary

Winter crab season is here and with it this year's biggest storm. Every captain must choose; risk it all and head out into the storm or stay back, tied to dock losing money. However carefully they choose the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Episode cast overview:
Mike Rowe Mike Rowe - Narrator (voice)
Jake Anderson Jake Anderson - Himself - Captain: Saga
Josh Harris Josh Harris - Himself - Captain: Cornelia Marie
Bill Wichrowski Bill Wichrowski - Himself - Captain: Cape Caution (as 'Wild' Bill Wichrowski)
Jason Shaw Jason Shaw - Himself - Deckhand: Cornelia Marie
Sig Hansen Sig Hansen - Himself - Captain: Northwestern
Karl Rasmussen Karl Rasmussen - Himself - Greenhorn: Northwestern
Nick Mavar Nick Mavar - Himself - Deckhand: Northwestern (as Nick Mavar Jr.)
Keith Colburn Keith Colburn - Himself - Captain: Wizard
Gary Soper Gary Soper - Himself - First Mate & Deck Boss: Wizard
Robbie Schlosstein Robbie Schlosstein - Himself - Deckhand: Wizard (as Robby Schlosstein)
Tyler Gateman Tyler Gateman - Himself - Deckhand: Wizard
Corey Eisenbarth Corey Eisenbarth - Himself - Deckhand: Saga
Casey McManus Casey McManus - Himself - Captain & Engineer: Cornelia Marie
Sean Dwyer Sean Dwyer - Himself - Captain: Brenna A
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