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Five friends and Urban explorers break into an abandoned building to explore and take pictures. Everything is fun and games until they see something they should have never seen and get locked in a place they never should have been!

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    • Author: Bliss
    The only mystery here is whether the dialogue or the story is worse. The visuals were generally good at the beginning. The "horror," however, is attempted ... assault from random rednecks.
  • Credited cast:
    Jessica Moore Jessica Moore - Kendal
    Velson D'Souza Velson D'Souza - Eric
    Greg Nutcher Greg Nutcher - Frank
    Tina WongLu Tina WongLu - Dani
    Jeff Riberdy Jeff Riberdy - Jason
    Ted Sterner Ted Sterner - Betting Man (as Ted Siok)
    Hope Bohannon Hope Bohannon - Biker Chick
    Gunther Grambo Gunther Grambo - Bob
    Chase Bailey Chase Bailey - Old Man
    Kristina Thompson Kristina Thompson - Courtney
    Salvatore DelGreco Salvatore DelGreco - Jeff
    Billy Baraw Billy Baraw - Mark
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