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    • Author: Skilkancar
    I'm coming out of retirement to post the first review on this remarkable program, which will be my last review.

    Back in 2012 I was cruising the net for documentaries, and had seen a plethora of them on a variety of topics. I was considering going back to school to study paleontology, and as such was searching for dinosaur docs when, lo and behold, something cropped up on my Youtube splash page. There was something called SciShow with a individual who appeared academic on the thumbnail picture.

    The video read as only a few minutes long, so I went ahead and clicked on it. I can't remember exactly what the topic was, something about bees, or forests, or something along those lines (it's been a while, sorry), but it zipped along to deliver the latest thinking scientists had on the topic at hand. And, the narrator / host was energetic, full of zest and passion for science, and made you feel educated at the end of it. And you felt good for being educated by Hank Green, the host in question.

    It was a great video. It moved well. It didn't get bogged down on any particular detail. The subject at hand was thoroughly explained, and I was smarter for it.

    I was hooked. You should be too.

    Since that time I have made it a point to watch every new SciShow video that comes along, and even to watch SciShow Space (the astronomical and astrophysical spin off of the original SciShow), as well as the SciShow talk show, and Hank Green's brother's own very zestful and informative "Crash Course", hosted by John Green.

    I have long wanted to produce a show like this. I have long waited for a show like this to come along. I am ecstatic to recommend SciShow and SciShow's affiliates and friends (usually listed in the Channel's Section of their Youtube web-page).

    I have to be honest, I haven't watched TV in ages in spite of buying a new one just to have. I don't like PBS. I don't like today's raunchy sitcoms. I don't like mental health TV which is what all of TV is nowadays. I love cruising the net for unique and informative shows like SciShow, and will continue to watch them for as long as they or I exist, and will never look back.

    And also check out Crash Course, V-Sauce, and even Numberphile, more fantastic educational media as it was meant to be

    Check out SciShow. Today. Now. Informative, entertaining, and, most important of all, accurate and self correcting.


    p.s. DFTBA
  • Series cast summary:
    Hank Green Hank Green - Himself - Host / - 57 episodes, 2012-2015
    Michael Aranda Michael Aranda - Himself - Host 15 episodes, 2015
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