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    • Author: Balhala
    This is clearly one of Gaumonts Anglo German collaborations.The original story is by 2 German writers,the film is set in Berlin and it stars the tragic Renate Muller who made this film and Sunshine Susie in the UK in the early thirties.It involves her and Ian Hunter and a record factory and a matchmaker who also owns the flat occupied by Hunter ,a young Maurice Evans and an even younger Charlie Hawtrey.The film actually opens with a musical number where Charlie Hawtrey sings and does a sort of a tap dance.The matchmaker is very advanced in his methods,he makes a soundfilm of each of his clients which he shows to potential spouses.One of his clients is the great George Robey.It is almost in the style of a light operetta.It is done with a continental lightness of touch by a German director of whom i had previously been unaware.The songs are tuneful without being memorable.This is a delightful film which should be more widely known.It deserves a screening at the BFI Southbank and a video release.
  • Cast overview:
    Renate Müller Renate Müller - Ann Linden
    Harry Green Harry Green - Sigurd Bernstein
    George Robey George Robey - Aloysius Novak
    Ian Hunter Ian Hunter - Robert Hart
    Maurice Evans Maurice Evans - Paul Hart
    Billy Caryll Billy Caryll - Meyer
    Charles Hawtrey Charles Hawtrey - Billy Hart
    Charles Carson Charles Carson - Korten
    Viola Lyel Viola Lyel - Frau Krause
    Sunday Wilshin Sunday Wilshin - Ida Brun
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