» » The Good Blonde (2017)

Short summary

Based on the short story by Jack Kerouac. The films tells of an encounter on a beach between a Hitchhiker and a mysterious blonde haired girl.

The telephone number on the reverse of the photograph seen in the bookstore scene is actually director Nic Saunders' daughters birthday.

Al Hinkle who plays The Old Man in the bookstore was a close friend of author Jack Kerouac and appears in many of Kerouac's books, including "On The Road" as the character Ed Dunkle.

The beach location used in the film is at Big Sur where Kerouac lived for a while and wrote a book of the same name.

The forest cabin featured briefly in the film once belonged to Charles Manson.

The voice of the Radio DJ heard in the film is actor Kirk Baltz, perhaps best known for his role in "Reservoir Dogs" as the tortured police officer Marvin Nash.

Credited cast:
Kirk Baltz Kirk Baltz - The Radio DJ (voice)
Philip Bulcock Philip Bulcock - The Hitchhiker
Kasia Halpin Kasia Halpin - The Girl
Al Hinkle Al Hinkle
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