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Teams of celebrities compete over who knows more about the United Kingdom.
Teams of celebrities compete over who knows more about the United Kingdom.

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    • Author: Cerana
    3 years ago, Britian was celebrating more than ever. The London Olympics were in the summer and the queens diamond jubilee was in September, I still remember going with my family and friends to watch the lighting of the beacon, everyone was so happy!

    skip 1 year ahead to 2013. the celebrations are over, Scotland is preparing for the 2014 referendum to leave the UK (which unfortunately failed) So the BBC decided to make a show to 'rekindle' the British pride from last year. In a show simply known as 'I Love My Country'. First of all, The United Kingdom is not a country. Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales are countries. The United Kingdom is a sovereign state. I guess 'I Love My Sovereign State' wasn't a catchy enough. The show is based on a show in the Netherlands called 'Ik Hou Van Holland' translating to 'I Love Holland'.

    Now that I got that out of the way, lets talk about the show. Its terrible. The intro shows us all the stereotypical British paraphernalia like red phone boxes and cups of tea. Its less like a TV show and more like how American schoolgirls see the UK. and about 1 welsh thing and 1 Scottish thing just so that the creator can say "I didn't forget about the other countries! see they're all in here!" And then we get to the show, the band isn't bad. Then the host starts talking. I wouldn't be surprised if half these puns came from /r/britishproblems.

    You know how its a stereotype that all English people are obsessed with drinking tea and bowler hats? Well this show is a stereotype, its like when you see an American doing a god awful British impression in a movie because the director was too lazy to find an actual British person. Now we are on the games, good lord. putting pickled eels on British places. That's it. Oh yeah and Micky Flanagan is on this show.

    I'm Scottish, this show is all about England, despite claiming to be about the UK. Scotland was already drifting apart. The 2014 referendum to leave the UK was already in motion, yeah the campaign failed but another one has been set for 2019. This show makes me ashamed to be British, In fact I was only slightly on the Yes side before this show aired, after it did, I was in full support for the Yes side. Here's hoping we win the next referendum so that we will be independent and that shows like this an not butcher our countries.
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    • Author: TheJonnyTest
    In it's attempt to bring back family entertainment and cash in on our sense of post Olympic patriotism the BBC have inflicted this show on us over the summer months.

    It's fun, it's mildly entertaining but once you've seen it once, you've pretty much seen enough.

    The house band element is bewildering, the constant cheering of the team's supporters is annoying and yet,having said all that, this show is strangely so bad that it's good.

    This show, much like That Puppet Game Show have quietly entertained us but once the Juggernaut shows like Strictly and X Factor return the sight of Frank Skinner putting a pork pie on a map of the UK will be a distant memory.
  • Series cast summary:
    Gabby Logan Gabby Logan - Herself - Presenter 8 episodes, 2013
    Frank Skinner Frank Skinner - Himself - Team Captain 8 episodes, 2013
    Micky Flanagan Micky Flanagan - Himself - Team Captain 8 episodes, 2013
    Jamelia Jamelia - Herself - Performer 8 episodes, 2013
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