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A pilot for a sketch show. Features Spinal Tap among other comic performers.
A pilot for a sketch show. Features Spinal Tap among other comic performers.

Featured the first appearance of Spinal Tap.

"Rock and Roll Nightmare", the song performed by Spinal Tap in this pilot, was first released on a bootleg in 2000.

Was shown by ABC in a late night slot after some controversy involving the ProtoChem commercials. ABC requested that these skits be cut out for fear of offending advertisers, but Rob Reiner refused.

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    • Author: White_Nigga
    This is a failed pilot, but not a bad early outing for Reiner, Guest, et al. Reiner is terrific in a brilliant sketch where he plays Hitler on trial. The show also features an early performance of Spinal Tap. There are some dead moments where they dress is gratuitous drag and basically rip off the so-called "pepperpot" characters from Monty Python. I guess with Saturday Night Live and SCTV, network tv figured they didn't need another sketch show.
  • Cast overview:
    Rob Reiner Rob Reiner - Various Characters
    Tom Leopold Tom Leopold - Various Characters
    Harry Shearer Harry Shearer - Various Characters
    Christopher Guest Christopher Guest - Various Characters
    Deborah Harmon Deborah Harmon - Various Characters
    Kres Mersky Kres Mersky - Various Characters
    Michael McKean Michael McKean - Various Characters
    Billy Crystal Billy Crystal - Various Characters
    Martin Mull Martin Mull - Various Characters
    Johnny Brown Johnny Brown - The Kingfish
    Brett Somers Brett Somers - Herself
    Marvin Braverman Marvin Braverman
    Loudon Wainwright III Loudon Wainwright III - Dead Man on Telethon / Spinal Tap Keyboardist
    Henry Harris Henry Harris - Andy
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