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Short summary

Lesley, a social, loving and protective mother, who cares very dearly for her only son Jordan is thrust into a confusion between reality and the virtual world after being warned about her son's compulsive addiction to video games. As Lesley begins to succumb to more delusional episodes, the battle to protect not only herself but Jordan intensifies. Upon realizing the imminent danger to her family Lesley decides to fortify their home and make one final stand. Lesley and Jordan hide in the closet to prepare for battle only to re-emerge to fight the Warriors whom have set upon the house. As Lesley has finally surrendered to this delusional state and her reality has become the virtual world, it becomes too much and she faints. Jordan, with the love for his mother, cares for her so that she can function again as the perfect mother.

Credited cast:
Garland Chang Garland Chang - Agent Server
Jessie Crabbe Jessie Crabbe - Helen
Cameron Forbes Cameron Forbes - Agent Sirin
Julien Hicks Julien Hicks - Jordan
Lori Schock Lori Schock - Angela
Wynn Siu Wynn Siu - Julie
Bethany Stanley Bethany Stanley - Cheese Lady Amiee
Kari Staten Kari Staten - Lesley
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