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The scene opens at the termination of a dance where the Duke of Chatmoss is supported by his nephew and his daughter to the throne, the daughter occupying the place of honor by his side. One of the court maids approaches and the Duke's nephew, Edward, falls in love with her instantly, and his love is reciprocated. The aged Duke notes the beautiful maiden and is also smitten by her charms. In his infatuation he sends his hunch-backed serf to her apartment commanding her immediate appearance before him. The cunning hunchback discovers that his master has been forestalled by the nephew, who is the accepted lover of Irma, the maid. His master, the Duke, is apprised of this fact, and when the girl appears before the Duke the old gallant immediately overwhelms her with his attentions, but she, in her righteous indignation, repulses him. The Duke is wrathy, and in his rage vows to win the frightened girl. She runs immediately to Edward and tells him of the occurrence. Edward is indignant and...

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    An elaborately staged subject, containing thrilling moments and situations that make the audience almost gasp so realistically are they done. It is the first time that the old time torture chamber and its horrors have been utilized in compelling a girl to sacrifice herself for the benefit of her lover, but the dramatic way in which she succeeds in discouraging the duke's attentions wins for her the lasting regard of the audience. And then her lover, released from his tortures, does what the duke did not expect him to do, leads the girl away despite the disfigurement of her once beautiful face. This picture made a deep impression upon the audience. It is so clear and the story is made so plain that it cannot be misunderstood. The Imp company has achieved a success which will continue as long as this picture is shown. Even though the torture chamber is gruesome and the girl's sacrifice is horrible, the effect upon the audience is to increase their interest and when the young man leads the girl away they are quite ready to applaud. - The Moving Picture World, February 18, 1911
  • Cast overview:
    King Baggot King Baggot - Edward, the Duke's Nephew
    David Miles David Miles - Duke of Chatmoss
    Anita Hendrie Anita Hendrie - Irma
    Charles Arling Charles Arling - The Hunchback
    Mary Pickford Mary Pickford - One of the Ladies of the Court
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