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    • Author: Usic
    This series really takes me back to the days when SciFi channel was just getting off the ground. Sure, they were fledgling days with very little original content but what the channel had then was soul, as it reached out to not just adults but kids on a regular basis, and embraced its desire to be alien with the zeal of a scifi fanboy. Those days are pretty much gone, and unfortunately the FTL newsfeeds went with them. What could be best described as a "micro series" in todays view the show was a peek into the 22nd century lives of a select group of individuals. Greeted by a simulated menu and then the virtual news anchor, viewers were whisked into futuristic political intrigue, technological wonder, and other melodrama pertinent to this 22nd century world. Though each episode ran for only 30 seconds they were often repeated more than once during the broadcast day, just in case you may have missed the first showing. It wasn't "High Concept" but it was fun, and somewhat intriguing to watch this little world unfold between reruns of Battlestar Galactica or TekWar and unfortunately the innocent indulgence of having this show was plowed under, in favor of "bolder" and "more inventive" programming. Programs which really don't deliver much beyond preaching to niches already established by the lengthy runs of SG-1 or Andromeda.
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    Charles Battersby Charles Battersby - Tau Cultist 1 episode, 1992
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