» » Under the Underground (2017)

Short summary

Mike The Middle Man and G0013 (New Legends), want to keep hip hop music and its culture alive. In the meantime, there is an underground police authority set out to stop the entire movement. It's a dangerous time now, and the New Legends must stay alive to continue the culture thats such a part of them.

Credited cast:
Hunter Allen Hunter Allen - DJ Path
Larry Alvarado Larry Alvarado - Club Assassin 2
Jose Luis Casillas Jose Luis Casillas - Assassin
Brian Cox Brian Cox - Middleman
Mandie Dyla Mandie Dyla - Club Assassin 1
Eljae Henderson Eljae Henderson - Jackson Stand
Edward Jackson Edward Jackson - Suit 1
Bella Pace Bella Pace - Suit 2
Gerald Parrish Gerald Parrish - Parker 'GraffMan' Mills
Jason K. Richardson Jason K. Richardson - G13
Sean Turner Sean Turner - DJ Fingers
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