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    • Author: Delirium
    I find it very, very strange that there is no re-run of this series. It was one of the first Dutch comedies i saw and liked. Somebody at the dutch public television should dust of the old tapes and show it again. Even it was at night, good comedy like this is just to hard to come by.

    I especially liked the episode when Jack Wouterse was running around with a chainsaw, killing everybody in his way. If i remember correctly, this was also the episode when Baantjer came in. And the running gag with NokNok is also a keeper, "biertje? gesjchellig!".

    Also, Wouterse appears to have reached the ultimate cult status an actor in the Netherlands can get. For me, he is one of the few actors that i admire. Temmink, Vet Hard, All Stars and other work of him are the reasons, but i always keep thinking of him in his amazing role as Dirk. "Nobody f***s with Dirk!"

    Well, this is my call to somebody with power. Put this gem back on TV.
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    Jack Wouterse Jack Wouterse 15 episodes
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